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It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas!

Oh my gosh.  Ok, so today has been a day filled with all of the best kinds of Christmas stuff - shopping in stuffed stores, Christmas tree buying and trimming, soup making, house arranging, and getting grades!

We managed to buy a ton of little stuff (or not so little, considering we got two rugs) to help make the apartment a little more friendly.  Two floor lamps went a long way to making everything less annoying - both Mom and I hate overhead lights - and even though anyone who has ever gone to Ikea will recognize the lamp shape, they're still super cool (they're the square rice paper lamps, for those in the know).  We also got a vacuum cleaner, which has already come in handy since the dog rolled around on the new brown rug and practically turned it gray with dog hair.  Well, not quite, but, still. 

I waited to buy my tree until I could do it with Mom in tow, and we found the cutest five and a half foot tall tree that she brought the awesomest blue and white snowflake lights for, and its my most favorite Christmas tree in years.  (pics forthcoming, soon).

Oh, and I checked my grades and got all As!  Which I think is a minor fucking miracle considering the emotional and frankly insane semester I had.  Seriously, thanks Santa.  (though also, none of my teachers actually knew about the emotional stuff, so I must've done something right)

Speaking of that - thank you elizabuffy and entrenous88 for my xmas lj presents!!! You are both darlings!!

My Dad & Stepmom's Christmas celebration was last weekend, and I had tons of fun up there - went to see the Nutcracker ballet with my nephew and his wife and my sister on Friday night (and did shopping with the girls on Friday day), we did our packed-to-the-gills-people-everywhere Christmas on Saturday, and then I went with my sis and one of my other nephews to Tron 3D (which I actually liked, and am in complete agreement with [personal profile] dwg 's review here -- be careful, it does have spoilers, but is totally dead on)

The only sad part is that my dad's dog Maggie, the awesomest ugly dog ever, had a stroke on Sunday, and hadn't recovered by the time I left. I think she may not be in the world anymore, which is sad, but she was an incredibly loved dog.  At least I got to pat her goodbye.

Tomorrow we're planning on playing in the kitchen all day - cookies (5-spice ginger cookies and oatmeal) and walnut chocolate fudge, Christmas dinner of stuffed fillet mignon (as long as it looks good at the store) and Christmas breakfast of cranberry raspberry crepes and butcher cut bacon. Then Christmas-eve dinner with the Corbells and museums and ocean and Griffith Observatory all in there somewhere too, oh my!

I hope all of you who celebrate are gearing up for happy season and the world is treating you all right. *hugs*

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