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New Year adventures

Last picspam for a while, I promise! But since it's still January I get to still post holiday pictures, especially since they were taken this year!

Ok, this is the one picture from New Year's Eve - post party - after we'd spent the evening goofing around with each other and some of my other friends, drinking champagne and munching on silly party snacks and generally having a great time.  That's boy!housemate there on the left, and my beloved Megan in the middle, who was awesome enough to visit just to ring in the new year.  And I was totally sober there, all horrible expressions to the contrary.

So what do Megan & I decide to do?  Go to Griffith Park for New Year's day of course!  And of course the car was totally packed, so we had to walk up the hill on foot.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Somewhere out there in the pic above is my house.

Us & the city!!

We were there right as the sun was going down and it turned the building gold -- and I guess the smog beyond the building, I suppose ;)

LA at night.  It was the first time I'd seen the view from that part of the city at night in absolute eons (and the first time I remember taking pictures of it!)  These are the sparkling lights of my city.

Obligatory Einstein facebook pic!!  Yes, we are that goofy.

Megan and Al... they're pondering the great questions of the universe.  It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

So in time that was too short we had a great bundle of fun (and as promised I tried my best to make scrumptious food for my darling friend), and managed to start the new year out right and see a tiny tiny bit of LA in the process.

Then Tyler arrived like two days later!  And we went and did Kate & Tyler things, including dropping off my library books ;)  but along with that was a trip to Japan town, and to the Chado tea room.

This one is actually one of Tyler's pics, of our beautiful, beautiful tea.  They take their tea rather seriously there, with a full pot for every customer, and home made scones too (with real clotted cream).

And of course, while there, the chessboard came out.  I think the world would explode if Tyler didn't beat me at chess at least three times while we're hanging out.  And yes, he does beat me every time.  I kamakaze too much, but that's the only way to surprise him.

This is the inside of an empty church downtown that I am currently too lazy to look up.  It's near Japan town, and was a Catholic church, but is now rented out for events and gatherings (from what I understand).  this picture doesn't do it justice since it was just this immense space without the pews, everything in white and dark wood and marble.  Tyler and I just happened to be walking by when the agent who handles it was meeting people there, and she let us wander around for a little bit.

Sunset at Venice beach!  Ok, I will admit, this one is color corrected.  The one below is the true color, but the one above I was playing with photoshop.  I do that.  Anyway, we went down there the next day and wandered from one end of the beach to the other - great entertainment from the ocean to the people, for sure.

this is what it really looked like, promise.  Pretty, no?

AND, then back to Griffith Park Observatory!  Hey, there's a reason why it's one of my favorite places - because of the views like this.  The glint on the horizon is actually the ocean (this is a view of the western part of LA out towards Santa Monica)

Because I usually never take pictures of the observatory itself, here is the obligatory observatory picture!  It really is a beautiful building.

And look, scientists who had to do with the stars! 
sadly the whole scientific history of the stars is dominated by narratives of men, so there's not a single woman up there, but i suppose i'm not supposed to notice that part

The ceiling of the Foucault's Pendulum (no, not that Foucault) - it's this really beautiful mural of the gods/stars.

Foucault's Pendulum making it's hypnotic way back and forth as the earth rotates underneath.  It's incredibly restful to watch.

And a bloody orange and gold sunset!  It turns the clouds pink though, and you really can't beat that.  Again this is the sun glinting off the water of the Pacific ocean in the distance.

My pink city.  Tyler and I hit this side of the building at a slightly later moment than Megan and I (and I think it might have been a slightly clearer day) so the sunset turned the city pink.

I was really happy with this shot (if you right click to view the image in another window it'll be bigger) because it caught the building in the fading light but just as the city lights were all starting to come on.

Tyler right before he slaughters me - yes, we do play chess on the roof of the observatory.  If you have to ask why, I can't tell you.  It's like a secret.  Or something.

Ok, I took this picture only because in *this* particular moment my position actually looked ... well, pretty good.  At least sort of.  If you ignore his knights there. (yes, I was black).  of course, five minutes later Tyler slaughtered me.  I'm not bitter, promise ;)

Night view - after the sun sank past the horizon. 

And there we are!!  It may have come out just a little fuzzy but I like this picture.

Ok, BEST FUN EVER at the Observatory, other than the Planetarium shows (which, frankly, are awesome, and if you don't think they're awesome I'm afraid I can't like you anymore), is when they demonstrate the Tesla Coil!  These next pictures are all from the same demonstration, which is both a sight and sound that you're never going to forget (considering the lines of light you see?  each one was four feet or so long).  We also found out how badly misunderstood Tesla was and what a jerk Eddison was and why we should love Tesla way more.

Ok, now this is the obligatory Einstein Facebook pic that went totally wrong.  But Tyler and I liked it anyway, so ... you get to see it too!

Finally, a city absolutely glowing with rivers of light.  As much as I don't love the yellow, necessarily, I do love how amazingly glimmery the entire thing is.

And last but not least, the obligatory 'would you like me to take a picture of you two'-helpful-stranger-shot. 

It was a really good visit on top of two other really good visits, making my house feel more like a home because loved ones have stayed in it too and brought the fun.  Though so far the extra room hasn't actually gotten any use because everyone has opted to sleep on the couch.  I mean, I know it's a cute and comfy couch, but it's a whole extra room!

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