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news of the wild and weird

(if by wild you mean LA and if by weird you mean... well, all i'm saying is read the warnings on the cut ok? for serious this time)

The Usual
Not a bad week (the last one that was) and not a bad weekend either. Amusingly enough I ended up having a total of one class last week, because my other two were canceled. Of course, one of those didn't cancel till the last minute so I spent the day before it cramming 300 pages of uber-dense social criticism in all at once (and by uber dense I mean it took me an hour to read an average of thirty pages, no matter how quickly i tried to skip or speed).

The wild?
Weekend was even more fun though, just because I hung out with friends, helping my girlfriend who is going to get her house remodeled start on some of the preliminary projects, then met up with friends to watch awesome Japanese movies Sat night. The most hilarious part was getting to the movie viewing room in the condo complex and discovering the utterly ludicrous set up of leather arm chairs installed stadium style in front of a flat screen HD tv (and not only leather, but these sucker reclined). We laughed at ourselves and were like kids with new toys while underneath it all was awesome bourgeois guilt. Not exactly wild and crazy sat nights, but fun... and I highly reccomend that you run out right now and download from somewhere a film called Survive Style 5 + (the plus is important). It starts out like a horror movie but ends up like a... well, not exactly comedy but close... and is awesome in a mess with your head kind of way.

The lame
Sadly earlier in the evening, while waiting to pick up one of the friends to go to the other friend's condo for movie viewing, I managed to back up my car into a curb and screw up the muffler. Terrified it was going to be absurdly expensive to fix, I took it in this morning only to have them done in an hour with a $60 price tag. Not bad to fix a couple of minute's stupidity.

The weird
For those Invader Zim fans out there - I have my own pustullio. So I wear underwire bras, and a couple of weeks ago i ended up with a small ingrown hair or something that got aggravated by the bras. So fine, I wore my sports bra for a week until it went down (but not entirely away). Sadly after a couple of days wearing a mix of bra & sports bra, it turned HUGE (well, by huge I mean like yeah, size of a blueberry). That was this morning. I didn't even futz with sports bra but just put a shelf-tank top on -- which trust me, i have big enough breasts that without restraint life is kind of painful -- and a bandaid over it for good measure, and got home tonight from walking the dog to find it had popped.

I had to stand there for five minutes just letting it drain. (told you it was going to be gross). I'm laying down now to keep pressure off of it, because it was angry deep red (practically black at the center). Ouch. I have no idea what I'm going to do about it tomorrow when I have to wear normal people clothes again.

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