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Interests Meme

The thing I find most interesting isn't the stuff I might be interested in, it's the stuff the meme categorized as my "rarer" interests:

Interests Processed: psychoanalytic theory, la story, self-congratulatory philosophical bullshit, tanizaki, narrative theory, sluttery, james tiptree jr., ferdinand de saussure, post-modern philosophy, k.w. jeter, lit theory, laurel hamilton, sam delany

BTW - Y'all seem to be an interesting bunch. Thanks! Although, how come there's not more porn in these??

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. roland barthes score: 14
2. derrida score: 13
3. structuralism score: 12
4. feminist theory score: 11
5. jean baudrillard score: 11
6. poststructuralism score: 11
7. judith butler score: 11
8. literary criticism score: 11
9. subjectivity score: 10
10. representation score: 9
11. difference score: 9
12. narratology score: 9
13. edward said score: 9
14. walter benjamin score: 9
15. poetics score: 8
16. narrative score: 8
17. octavia butler score: 8
18. interpretation score: 8
19. fredric jameson score: 8
20. continental philosophy score: 8

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