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Air Doll:

What does this film mean in terms of translation?
Benjamin or no?

Why is translation a theoretical subject? The practical/material versus the theoretical.  How does it operate according to it's own presuppositions?  IE: the assumption of commonality that can be conveyed (there is something that remains).  From poetry, that is figured as figureative and practically untranslatable, to technical language that is ostensibly about translating what is to what is?

Why do we end up asking questions about the sacred or the inhuman?  Why is so much around translation moved towards the untranslatable.

We've had themes that we've considered:
The documentary / The actual
Truth / Pure language (the idea that behind every language is some broader framework of a total or absolute language that is always in operation but can never be grasped - it's not a language that we can claim or unclaim)  is it always lost?  is language always a kind of mourning for total and absolute communication?

what about De Mann's claim that language is what makes us feel the inhuman?  The non-human (might be one of the registers within which this plays out). 

non-human - that is not human (ie: stones, animals, this is not a judgment)
inhuman - cruel, unethical, evaluative, pejorative

Nozomi - are the people around her inhuman?  Is she nonhuman? 

The idea that foreign languages are somehow nonhuman - very standard structure of racism.

Murders in the Rue Morgue - brutal murder that happens off screen, where everyone assumes they can hear the murderer speak, but speak a language they don't know but they recognize (I recognize a language that I do not know).... but that's the catch - everyone who hears the murder proceeds upon their own (racist) assumptions about languages they do not know).

Translation is the moment when one meets the other - so Nozomi's active communication with others is a translation of her self .... additionally, she's on the borderline - although she understands the language but she's always differentiated

through language we believe we can represent ourselves - it's similar to pure language - although we may master it

Yomoda Inuhiko

It' not that she's inquiring language, it's that she's inquiring speech?  She hasn't had air - to get air out - she's only been filled with air before - that's why the sound of her breathing becomes a harbinger of her ability to speak

It's not the kind of penetration that is her sexual pleasure, it is the moment of eros where he fills her up with his breath - she is literally filled with him without penetration - the possibility of actually being connected to someone, people are inside her (in a sexual sense, but that does nothing for her - it's mechanical and no investment in her detachable vagina that matter of fact gets clean) but there is something that takes place from his mouth into her plug.

sidebar - office feminism?  i dunno if it works or not:

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