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Getting better.  Still have a great hacking cough, but I don't think I'm quite hacking as much as I was yesterday.  I get better in percents - say about 5% a day.  Which means, of course, that spring break has been eaten by the cold.

 In good news
  • got funding for summer!
  • got into Middlebury for summer!
  • parents are going to help for summer so i might even be able to go there!!
  • did laundry today including weird things like shower curtains (this is why it's worth it to buy fabric shower curtains - you can wash them)
  • dog is totally passed out from actually playing at the dog park, and we had a new first - she chased a ball when i threw it outside! This is a benchmark, really it is.  Mom had this idea that since Domino only fetched inside, that maybe fetching was  a play thing she only really did when she was relaxed and comfortable somewhere.  If that is true (which I think it might) then she's feeling like the dog park is her space
  • i am clean!  oh, and Trader Joes has this tingly tea tree body wash that actually tingles.... pleasing.
  • oh yeah, stopped smoking last friday... have had minor urges but have quelled them.  am looking forward to unstinky life in the future.

In things yet to do
  • register dog with microchip
  • make appt with DMV about my license
  • write 5 page paper for prof
  • write 10 page paper for prof
  • return ILL overdue book to library so i can get my privileges back
  • start on Linguistics mid-term (luckily i have a study date for this one)
  • do reading for next week's classes
  • start grad letter of support email for my prof 
  • make dinner

Wow, ok, the todo list could be way worse.  That's a relief.

Thank you to everybody who has bid on a movie poster!!  There's still open spots if anyone else has $5 to donate to relief in Japan and wants one .... my thread is here.

Other than that, nothing major is going on except for some amusing gossip that the ex may be in the market for boyfriends as well as girlfriends ... at least according to his facebook profile as tweeted to me by another friend.  (and Miranda, if you read this, call me, will ya? we need to discuss in person!)  Life is never dull is it?

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