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I was supposed to get five pages done today, and did six.

I have yet to start on the translation transcription though... that will come in the next hour.  I need to do five pages tomorrow, and again on Sunday, and again on Monday, and then I should be done with one Epistolary paper.  I will let that sit for a day (Tues) and then revise on Wednesday to turn in.

The translation I need to get everything transcribed by Sunday, which means two pages of transcription today, four tomorrow, and four sunday possibly?  Then I can work on the actual *translation* on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday to turn over to my Japanese partner so he can offer commentary, to turn in on Friday noon.

The other paper is due Friday? Wednesday? sometime?  the professor actually doesn't mind if you turn in work in progress work, but I've got to have some time to actually write it... I've got five pages so far already there, so if I can do another five on Monday, and again Tueday, I would have fifteen edited to give him Thursday... that's not so bad.  I think.  So, that looks like this:

2 3 pages transcription (14 left)

5 pages Epistolary paper (15 left)
4 pages transcription (10 left)

5 pages Epistolary paper (5 left)
5 pages transcription (5 left)
4 pages translation (16 left)

5 pages Epistolary paper
5 pages transcription (done!)
5 pages translation (11 left)

5 pages Translation paper (10 left)
5 pages translation (6 left)

Revise Epistolary paper / turn in
6 pages translation (done!)

5 pages Translation paper (5 left)
Other part of translation project

Review translation / turn in
5 pages Translation paper (done!)

and now i'm off.

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