my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Hi, I am your absent computer

Twice is just coincidence, right?

Well, anyway, in case y'all were wondering why I haven't been posting like a bored madwoman in the wake of finishing classes, it's because on Sunday, after my giddy post about the get together, me and the dog played chase around the living room. And she caught her paw in the cord of my laptop (that was sitting firmly on the chair) and

it was tugged off the chair and onto the ground. I am without laptop, once again.

(and mostly without internet, although I drove into school today to specifically drop off my library books and check the interwebs). I'm frustrated with myself for not taking better care of my computer, but really, how was I to know the dog would get her foot caught in the cord and be able to tug the thing off the couch? Watching your laptop bounce on the floor and then see the power light slowly flickering out is just the least fun way to spend a 30 second period.

They're trying to repair it right now, but the fastest they'll have an answer for me is Saturday. I am feeling cut off, frustrated, tired, and really, just, tired. It was a hellish semester, and there are ton of things I need to do now that it's over, and sadly most of them require a connection via web to the outside world.

I'm trying to get over it by reading, and doing things outside of the house, which, you know, is good. Hopefully the computer repair guy can perform another miracle and make my comptuer live again. keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

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