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A little horoscope advice
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): According to the *Guinness Book of World Records,* the longest love letter in history was written by an Indian man named Harish Kondakkuli. The gushing 143-page message took him over three months to complete. Oddly, it was addressed to an imaginary woman, since there was no one in his life he was actually in love with. I encourage you to consider the possibility of exceeding his achievement in the coming weeks, Libra. You're at the peak of your ability to express wickedly delicious passions and profoundly tender intentions. There may even be a real person, not an imaginary one, who warrants your extravagant outflow.
I think for right now I'll stick with the imaginary -- it seems much healthier.

Got an email from the ex that was ... really mundane.  It's just weird because elizabuffy and I were just talking, and I was remembering the closest thing the ex&I had to a 'song' was that song by Deep Blue Something called "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which was all about two people who actually never really connected - and it's a perfectly pleasant song, with out a heart. Guess the email feels that way too - perfectly pleasant, and I'll probably respond in the same way, but somehow, lacking heart.

My girlfriends all point out that he's not really doing so great at living life 'free' from his obligation to our relationship (such as it was), since he's still living/moving with the psycho-girl, still stuck in the same job, probably still stuck in the same routines of life, which included 6-8 hours of tv a day and a lot of pot to blot out the fact that the rest of the time leaving the house involved chores. And I got this email today, which means he's been living in the same apartment that I moved out of last year August ... and it's now the end of May the next year - it took him 9 months to get out of a place that was too expensive?

I try not to think about it much, but when I do, I admit, I judge. I may have felt like the world was dissolving when the breakup happened, but there was another world just waiting to be made outside of that too.

Speaking of other worlds, I am living the dream with the academic one!  Well, at least sorta - once again I got straight As and one of my papers was called "terrific" by one of the profs (the translation one, for the curious).... it's an enthusiastic adjective if I've ever heard one.

Since then I've mostly been getting ready for the woman who is sub-leasing my room to arrive - which meant packing up all of my personal stuff and moving it to our spare room so that it wasn't in the room I'm leasing to her, deep cleaning the house, and taking the dog on many dog park adventures.  It was nice for a change to actually accept invitations from my friends to go out without worrying about paper deadlines or work that was due the next day too.  So there's been sake, and nummy french toast, and decent wine at a wine bar (though seriously, a wine bar that doesn't have a red blend open and can only offer me a petite syrah? kind of disappointing).  Best of all girlie talk.

I leave tomorrow for northern California and the family visit, before the two months sprint to Japan.  Not exactly looking forward to the drive, but I'll be glad when I get where I'm going instead of this weird waiting pattern I've been in where I did all the things I needed to do in LA a day or so ago (except hand over the key, which happened this morning).

I still have lots of to do's (the biggest priority will be stuff for help_japan that i have not forgotten about), and summer_of_giles stuff that starts SOON), and little things to get ready for Japan, but mostly i'm enjoying the summer day, the errands to run, the dog to galavant with.

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