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hi journal, i am posting, really

all the things!

  • made it alive out of LA.  was good.  girl who is renting my room picked the key up.  i cleaned a lot before she got there.  woot.
  • arrived in NCal and goofed around with mom for two days. YAY!  dog settled in, and even let a bunch of women come into the house for a meeting.  yay.  i got to go to a democratic central committee meeting. yay.
  • had fantastic time doing saturday memorial day celebration at Dad's - was cool just to hop in the car and pop down there - no hassle, no fuss.  Was good to see family, to relax and be my dorky self, and found out my nephew and sister are going to be in Japan when I am.  It will require a bit of planning but we want to meet up.  YAY for other country visits!
  • had mechassninja arrive at Dad's house! There was much eating of leftovers and good conversation!</user>
  • OH MY GOD THOR!  SERIOUSLY WHO CARES IF IT SUCKS. THOR. MMMMM. and i actually thought it was bad in a good way (or actually, fantastic.  bad, but fantastic)
  • then me and MNinja drove up to Mom's and gallivanted around doing small town things - there were gold mine tours (mom lives in the gold country) and lots and lots of rocks.  you kinda had to be there, but seriously, three stores filled with rocks. And i finally got to feed MNinja, as promised.
  • rest of the week has raced by - [community profile] summer_of_giles started; preparing for the Democratic float that will be in the Italian Picnic Parade this Sunday (rain willing) has taken up time; mom bought a new laptop so that required much swearing to get ready for use; the dog escaped and returned, has been beligerent and adorable; and i spent lunch today with the Progressive Women's Committee (OMG my mom is actually politically active instead of just talking about it - i feel slightly ashamed at my lazyness); and yep, whirlwind.
  • tomorrow is set up and booth work at the picnic (manning the Democrats booth! there is a chance of altercations with tea party people! woot!)
  • saturday we are going to attempt to make home made pizza - i will try to post pics somewhere (well, and put the float together)
  • sunday is parade day, again, rain willing! 

also, this is just to remind myself, in 17 days i will be boarding an airplane (well, 16 really) to go on another adventure.

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl

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