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hey, i can post two days in a row if i want to

warning, political rant. i'm a lefty. lefty of lefty, ok?

While manning the County Democrat booth at the Italian Picnic and Parade (yes, really) I managed to get into an argument with someone who called himself a democrat (though honestly? he was what one can only call a conservative democrat, and maybe even not that).  He was trying to argue that we could pay for all of the cuts in education if we just took all the criminals who had murdered someone out and shot them (thus not doing expensive death penalty trials for them and not paying for convicted murderers to be housed in prison). 

Look, if it wasn't obvious, I'm more rabidly liberal than most democrats.  Mom tried to get me to back away and not get involved, but the problem with people who are having fun being confrontational is that they persist in doing so - this guy had a point to make and even after I said we'd have to agree to disagree he turned to the guy in the booth next to us and started trying to solicit his agreement in this so-called reasonable *cough*bloodthirsty*cough* plan.

And you know what? I've been raring for a fight. So I turned and looked him in the hostile eye and said that I categorically, adamantly, and utterly believe that it is not my right or the right of the state to take anyone's life. And yeah the budget in CA would be fixed if the state stopped fucking prosecuting for the death penalty (and we wouldn't have to kill anybody to do that. He wanted to know if I really thought Charlie Manson should be alive and here's my thing...

I don't think anyone has the right to kill me. And I don't think you think anybody has the right to kill you. I don't think I have the right to kill anybody, either. I don't think any individual has the right to kill any other individual. Now why would I want the state to have the power to kill anyone if I don't think anybody, ever, has the right to kill anybody else? Screw that.

Course he thought he slapped me down with his whole dismissive 'well then you wouldn't bother to defend our country either, would you?' And it was then that my mom stepped in (which, ok, probably good because I'm getting into arguments in the Democratic booth when all they're trying to do is represent in the community) ... and because it saved me from the reply i would have liked to have made which was to say, in the same dismissive tone, oh, i didn't realize that he was one of those poor naive people who still believed individual nation states actually existed and would waste his life on one.

cuz yeah, i do wonder if the nation state still actually exists given corporate control of so many things, and i continually am bemused by this whole 'patriotism is the most important ideal' attitude. cuz the conservative people think the idea that someone who is willing to die for their country is the only good person, and quite frankly, it's an idiotic trump card. the whole point is NOT to die, but to change the fucking world while we're alive! 

As one of the women who is working on the float with us said yesterday - why is it that the only life republicans want to save the unborn ones?  everybody else should die, especially if they do it for their country!  or if they do something wrong!  kill 'em all!  except for those unborn babies - they're WAY too important!!

let's see, other than that, summer_of_giles summer_of_giles summer_of_giles!!!!!!

and also, claims posts at [community profile] kradambigbang went up and I got fic I'm super excited to work on! Hopefully the author is ok with the stuff I do....

And tomorrow there will be exciting float making. Then Sunday will be ... PARADE! OMG small town fun is amusing.

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