my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

YES! Success!

I have spent the whole day (well, after the morning water-walking class with my stepmom & sister - this was the third straight day of going and honestly? those classes can kick your ass) going through my university email in box.  I started out with more than 300 messages.  I am finished today with 17 in my inbox.


now for the other things on the to do list:
  • (today - attempting today) help japan for elizabuffy
  • (today) read and comment on Summer of Giles entries - which are AWESOME right now!
  • (today) tumblr
  • (today) paragraph of Kotani translation (i'm within two pages of the end!)
  • (today) go to Bank
  • help japan for akavertigo
  • help japan for seductivembrace
  • help japan for snowpuppies
  • help japan for gillo
  • help japan for curiouswombat
  • help japan for von gelmini
  • kradambigbang art for aramuin
  • kradambigbang art for samanthirr
  • exchange $$ for japan
  • study other types of japanese
  • create Japan to-do list, since i know there's other stuff other than money!
Because I will be leaving for Japan in 9 days.  OMG 9 DAYS!  Luckily this is not like last summer where I can't speak in English either, so I will be lurking around the internets and you'll probably not even notice i'm gone. :D

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl
Tags: summer in japan

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