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  • i am uploading pics to tumbler when i remember (much easier hosting) and you can see them if you want - it's simply
  • spent an hour and a half with a sensei today rewriting my composition because i wanted to talk about posthumanism... yeas, i'm an idiot for trying to talk about something that's difficult to explain in my own language.  sometimes though, you just gotta try, right?
  • walking home is getting easier - i remembered to charge my ipod, yay, music makes me walk faster
  • did a zazen meditation last week friday that was all about ignoring the pain your body is in, then sat went and walked around a summer tanabata matsuri (which is basically a street festival) and drank beer.
  • i've had more beer here than i have in like a year in LA.  not saying much though.
  • am averaging 5 hours or so a night of sleep
  • summer of giles is rocking its socks off, i'm madly working on arts for kradambigbang, and i'm too lazy to put in the coding for everything yet, but there will be graphics at some point in the near-ish future
  • am going up to tokyo this sunday to have vegitarian food at a concept restaurant with my advisor and bunch of classmates. oh, also, going up to tokyo on friday for class field trip.  other than those two things, i will have to be researching all weekend since we have a five page research paper due on tuesday next week (so even though it was a three day weekend, it will not feel like one)
  • OH, but I have an official Yokohama library card!!!  so cool.
  • am eating a lot of tofu. surprised?
  • joined google+ though now i don't know what to do with myself on there - i can't keep up with all the things i update to now (facebook? tumblr? lj? dreamwidth? twitter? linkedin? oh, and three emails - two personal, one school, and now, google+? GAH)
  • it's almost halfway through - was feeling good except i definitely had a monday type monday yesterday, and tonight after i get done with this there will be WORK WORK WORK so... yeah, I have almost exactly a month left (less than by a couple of days) and I'll be back in the states.
  • my cell phone here is having trouble, so i may need to replace it
  • the living situation is great still because i sit out in the evening with the wind blowing through the sun room screens
  • the living situation is annoying when the owner's son plays drums for 7 hours on the weekend when his dad is away (yes, i finally called and said something to the owner, and said teenage son got in huge trouble, which ... well, 7 hours? i mean, five, ok i was ok with that, but after 9 pm on a sunday?)
  • housemate is both cool and very talky and sweet (good) and eats more than her half of the food and doesn't keep track (bad) (so i'm not sharing food with her anymore unless it's stuff she buys the main ingredients for), and isn't so inclined to clean at all.  but by dint of me ignoring it she takes out the trash. the best part is that we're both pathologically not ok with getting places late, so we end up at school almost an hour early every day and we can study then.  I think both of us like having that time and it makes morning seem productive. (so all in all, a win)
  • we're still the only ones who are renting rooms at the guest house, so it's just her and me, which is kind of awesome, and a little weird.
wow, that got long!

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