my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

night out in tokyo

let's not be coy, ok?  both you know and i know and I know that i don't drink the alcohol that often.  (or maybe you don't., but now you do - too many issues with it most of the time).  But when in Tokyo.... well, there's this little thing called nomihodai.

that's 飲みほうだい - which means 'all you can drink'.  and admittedly, it's not like all you can drink of top shelf liquor, but it is all you can drink beer, or, in my case, all you can drink 'moscow mule' (which is gingerale and vodka, light on the vodka), for an hour at a time.  Of course, we did nomihodai at a restaurant for one hour, with dinner, and then another nomihodai karaoke for two hours, with, well, songs!   hilarious, filled with eightys songs and lady gaga (and some japanese and chinese  too) and then, well, we had to catch a train and walk home. 

it's all so very civilized, you see, because if you don't catch the last train by midnight you can't get home by train, so you start early, you drink early, you goof around, and then you go back home (well, ok, some other people stay out till dawn, but i do not have that stamina and i never will, nor do i want it).  anyway, fun, goofy, and now i'm at home after climbing an abominable hill (well, two, really) quite tipsy as tipsy can be. 

It's a reward, of sorts, you see, for taking our mid term today.  which, thank the gods is over and done with.  and so since we were in shibuya anyway because of a class trip to a kabuki performance, we did it up pretty right - haggle with the barkers for a cheep nomihodai, and sing yourselves hoarse. :D

ahhh, Japan!

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