my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

first ever LJ --> RL

So, tx_cronopio popped my LJ to RL cherry. Yes, people do exist beyond the computer screen. Thankfully, not only does she exist, she's charming, witty, and lovely, and knows how to pick a yummy place for dinner. We chatted, we giggled, and both tummy and heart were quite full at the end.

Unfortunately, it completely skewed my interest in doing the rest of my homework. Alcohol always kills my interest in working. I'm done with the homework, but need to study the vocab, and am throwing in the towel for the night. Me and the library have a date tomorrow for many hours, so I can cram more knowledge into my brain during the week days. I seem to do better when I'm actually in class - I want the weekends to let my brain relax. Probably a hold over from working for so many years and having the weekends to play.

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