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Some of my artwork has been featured in this cool little article on a website I hadn't heard of, but am amused by, The Cultural Gutter (whose by line is taking trash seriously).

Fandom Is Magic

In the year 2001 I discovered a magical world. Not Harry Potter (that was a few years later) and not the Internet (although it was responsible), but a world that captured my attention and hasn’t let go ten years later. It has to do with fanfiction; unpaid fiction that is written by fans of a cultural product such as a movie, television show, comic book, novel, or anime. But fanfiction wasn’t the magical world I discovered; it was the community of fanfic writers.

[ read more here at the article ]

Also, since I'm sick, I have been watching movies. So, if you're bored, here's my 'as i watched it' commentary on The Rite.  I blame [personal profile] dwg  for it, because I saw her tweets and couldn't resist.  Well, and I was in the mood for bad movies.

Is that Cillian Murphy?  Oh, damn, not as hot.  Oh well, at least you're priest guy.

Oh, it's that guy from Ladyhawk?

I have to say this movie is pretty, as far as they go - nicely shot.

OOH, look, the deliberate juxtaposition of war video games and priesthood.  OH, the horror!

Oh my god, he's like a Priest with a heart of gold!  He wants to save that poor girl.

How did she get the bracelet that that was on the dead girl?  OH, look, its' the devil!  You know, the pretty priest guy has totally looked her in the eye like a million times.  Isn't he possessed yet?

i like the cracking noises.  They're super creepy. 

Oh no, his girlfriend is the devil too!!  What will poor priest guy do?

Ewww, wow, her tummy is super gross.

dude, can you cough out demons?  I didn't realize you can cough out demons.  OOO, is that a nail from the cross of christ? weird.  what do nails have to do with anything? 

Also, why does priest boy who doesn't believe get to go to the special lessons? It's like, hey, you're an athiest, you should totally assist in demon possession!

Oh, exciting, daddy flashback!  Did his dad actually do the mortuary work on his mom?  That's creepy isn't it?

Oh dear, he's totally a fraud.  Poor pretty priest boy - he's so frustrated.  He wants Anthony Hopkins to be so very very right, and feels with all his heart that he's so wrong. 

Why is it all of these demon things are so often about legislating the female body?  It's so fantastic that two priests get to hold down this awesome skinny pregnant girl.

Oh priest boy!  You're so tough when you defy Anthony Hopkins and make cutting remarks to him! 

Hey, back with poor possessed italian girl.  Is her head going to spin around yet?  Sadly guess not. Maybe her baby is going to turn into a demon or something? Oh no, there's a bunch of cockroaches.  That's gross.

the real question is - who is next going to be possessed? is it pretty priest or anthony hopikins? i mean, it's gotta be hopkins right, because that's who pretty priest gets his faith back and everything.... but right now he's totally dreaming he's being choked by the devil. 

Is it his dad that's possessed?  Cuz that would be cool.  EWWW, frogs!  Rain of frogs! N

LOL, this bell man is turning this totally Lynchian.  Now that would be amazing if they did that.

Oh no, you lost your poor dad priest guy! 

Ok, only Michel (of course that's priest guy's name) wouldn't believe in the devil at this point.  I would, because that is one silly bracelet to be leaving hanging around.

Dude, horse with red eyes?!  SO COOL!  Ever Exorcist movie should have horses with super red eyes!! 

Anthony Hopkins, GREAT HAT!  Oh no, your hand is shaking, you are possessed by the devil aren't you.  Dammit. That's too bad.  I should have probably watched the previews and I would have known this though.

At least you know what's going on Anthony Hopkins.  That's a good thing.  How come all the demons in this movie cough up nails from the cross? 

ooo, Michael, You'll only defeat it if you believe.

Oh shit.  The poor cats.  They're going to be skinned or something aren't they?   Good, they're running away,.  For some reason I can't take animal violence in movies any more.  People violence is fine, but animal violence is totally NOT cool.  And it's getting stronger - there was this movie I went and saw with my sister and it was offscreen animal violence and a little poking with a stick and I totally and completely could not get it out of my head for the rest of the movie.

HUH, there's lightening and rain here, which sorta adds to the atmosphere.

ok, i take it back, it's all worth it to have Anthony Hopkins call someone else a tedious piece of mouse shit in the Devil's voice.  LOL.  God is not here.  Anthony Hopkins is your devil.  Love him as he wraps his own arms behind his back.

How come AH suddenly has dark skin?  Did the devil give him self tanning when he possessed him or what?  Was it because AH was too white? Seriously, it's like he's got yellow pancake makeup on.

Oh dear, now we find out poor Michel's dad was a demon?  right? isn't that what that means? or is it just that the devil has daddy's spirit?  Oh, this movie is SO confusing!  But wait, now Michael gets to have his crisis of faith.  YAY! 

Yes michael, something brought you here - it was ALL IN GODS PLAN!  don't you get it?  And the girlfriend (well, she's a proto girlfriend) repeats his mom's words, and he knows god is with him!  HOORRAY!  Now get back to that devil banishing Michael, you have an Anthony Hopkins to save!

Oh goody, again we have a place where the female body is depicted as the most vulnerable one.... the threat of rape, again, o goody. 

Wait, ok, so, um, now Michael is possessed?  Is this the awesome end?  Cuz that would be kind of amusing actually.

Damn, his eyes turned back. HAHAHAHA GOOD TAUTOLOGY!  IF THE DEVIL EXISTS THAN GOD DOES TOO. And yay, we get the spinning camera scene - you go Michel, stop the Devil!

The most menacing thing in this whole movie is supposed to not be Anthony Hopkins but a door breaking down?  Somehow I am not frightened.

also, the name of the demon? what is it? Wow, AH, your poor face.  Oh, Baal.  I could not actually figure out what name AH was screaming.  It just sounded like AHHHHHHHH.  What demon has the name AHHH?  but hey, Baal.  He's one of the big ones right?

I love the after scenes too - it's like yay, ruins, the Vatican.  Everything is at piece because dawn comes.  Look, even AH is sleeping like a baby.  A slightly large, white haired baby.

OOO, i love the things at the end where it's like OH THIS STORY IS SO TRUE!  YOU CAN LOOK UP THESE GUYS ON THE INTERENT.  But guess waht?  they aren't going to be pretty priest boy and anthony hopkins, so I think I'll just leave this whole thing in the happy realm of fiction.

Now I'm watching Wanted, in part because I was reminded of it by [personal profile] seperis , who pointed out there's a baby Charles Xavier in there, a fact I had entirely forgotten.  And this will tell you something about my movie tastes (ie, that they're horrible) because I like this movie.

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