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back once again

i've gotten so far out of this habit of blogging that i feel like i need to set myself a daily task to get back in - but right now i need to set myself lots of daily tasks - because i'm back home!

home means return of the puppy-driven schedule, though the good part is that i'm taking hills better than i used to because of the long walk home in japan (which i probably will still be complaining about 10 years into the future - it was up hill! both ways! and i'm not kidding!)  And starting tomorrow I'm going to be doing an hour's worth of Japanese a day, which should be interesting.  Also, though, I haven't leapt right back into unpacking my stuff either - i had packed it all up so the woman who subleased from me wouldn't feel like she was moving into a victorian-era room (except for the bookcases - those remained with books in them) and now I don't want to put all of it back.  Piece by piece.  I did my closet today, so now I have all of my clothes hanging again. 

I have so many things up in the air right now that I'm not even sure what's solid as far as school goes - one class that i'm actually confirmed for, some TA stuff that I have to find out tomorrow if I've done the proper paperwork on so I can get paid as a TA (and isn't *that* fun - the department staffer forgot to have me sign my W4 / I9 stuff before I left, so instead I had to do it as soon as I got back into town), i'm supposed to be forming a committee and putting together my book list, but as it stands right now i don't even have an advisor and i don't know who i'm supposed to talk to to GET one.  I have emails in about that, so we'll see. 

Additionally, the cold refuses to leave.  Yesterday though I went to visit my girlfriend who does chinese medicine and she and her friend filled me full of chinese medicines that let me sleep without coughing.  That's progress.  Intellectually I know this cold is lingering because I did so many other things while I had it, including flying, but I'm tired of coughing. At least it's sort of intermittent now, though I wonder if that's in part because I'm not doing much in terms of activities or thinking. 

Mainly i've been mainlining Mad Men, which is confusing for me - visually it's pretty, and kind of interesting.  All the people are really pretty or at least engrossing to look at.   But I'm not quite sure if I'm ok with a show that fetishizes this period so utterly and completely while giving me no real characters except for Peggy to like in it.  I feel somehow pettier when I'm pleased by other characters... it's very weird. But that damn netflix 'view more episodes' button is so so so so so addictive that it's almost like it doesn't matter that i'm not totally egrossed - because all i have to do is click!

But now, it's time for true addictive crack - this weekend's True Blood! Now with necromancer action! (at least, i hope)

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