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i now have a problem

and that problem is that i really want to make graphics, but i don't have time because i have to do homework.  and write a research statement. and form my committee. and possibly go out for drinks tonight.  and definitely walk the dog.


i didn't get stood up last night or anything - we were talking about the weekend via online, and when we got down to making the real plans it turned into Saturday, not Friday night.  And it may actually not happen - guy has family in town due to a death in the family (weird, but hey, life does happen and he doesn't seem that broken up about it), and if they go out to dinner tonight then he and i won't be meeting up.  Which is fine with me as I'm not going to be sitting around waiting ... i'll be sitting around doing homework, which is what i always do on weekend nights cuz i am just that awesome.  and such is the life of a grad student.

i think it's good i'm not that invested in all of this. :D  means hopefully it will be entertaining and not too weird.

it has, however, caused me to dream about the ex for the last two nights running (at least i think that's what has caused it).  those have been annoying since in the dream i'm still caught in the emotional headspace i was before the breakup happened. 

oh, also, i don't know if this is his habit or if it's just because of the situation itself, but date!guy texts. often.

now, about school, i am being good and doing art history reading.  see:
To an artist, a picture is both a sum of ideas and a blurry memory of "pushing paint," breathing fumes, dripping oils and wiping brushes, smearing and diluting and mixing. Bleary preverbal thoughts are intermixed with the namable concepts, figures and forms that are being represented. The material memories are not usually part of what is said about a picture, and that is a fault in interpretation because every painting captures a certain resistance of paint, a prodding gesture of the brush, a speed and insistence in the face of mindless matter: and it does so at the same moment, and in the same thought, as it captures the expression of a face.
[ What Painting Is, James Elkins, 3 ]

isn't that kind of beautiful?

And finally, I just threw this up on Tumblr, but here are my current 10 favorite ships....
  1. Mike/Harvey - Suits
  2. Erik/Charles - XMen First Class
  3. Adam/Kris - AI S8 RPS
  4. Giles/Xander - Btvs
  5. Xander/Spike - Btvs
  6. Arthur/Merlin - Merlin
  7. John/Sherlock - Sherlock (BBC)
  8. Harry/Draco - Harry Potter
  9. Clark/Lex - Smallville
  10. Spike/Faith - Btvs

(ok, by 'favorite' i mean stuff that i'm super excited to read right now, and if i saw a fic posted about these ships i would totally attempt to ignore homework to read them).  WEIRD. Weird because I think I'm actually multifandom right now.  I mean, that's totally enabled by AO3, which is like baby seals mixed with crack for me right now.  Subscriptions, I love you deeply, madly, truly.  But I also blame you guys because you all aren't in the same fandoms anymore either, and you spread your wily fannish love, and I just want more things to READ that are hot and sexy and funny and also LONG.  And guess what?  That means that I am totally reading mad stuff all over the place!  Now if only I could put it into a recs list.  But that takes time too!! GRRR ARGH where is my personal time-turner?!

this borderline incoherent post brought to you by the fact that i should be reading more art history and i'm going back to it, right now, really, i am, i am!

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl
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