my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

there was date!

i lived!  even more than that it was good!

weird though, to be dating people after so long not dating people.  i feel like i've lived a kind of double existance up to this point - on the one hand "with" someone, so i didn't have to look or participate in any of the inane rituals surrounding that kind of stuff, and on the other, in a relationship that didn't give me what i needed, so i was always flirting with other people. but it's not the same.  no, not at all.

well, anyway, had a great time i think.  we pretty much kept the conversation going, managed to smooth over the rough parts fairly well for two complete strangers who are talking about their love lives (yes, i did cop to the fact that he was my first date after 15 years, and this seemed to get him excited about the prospect of making out - like seriously, he was excited and wanted to talk about kissing.)  he was funny, interesting, curious about me, not totally one track mind but not adverse to talking about stuff.  and while his music taste lends itself more towards the hippie then hard rock, we like similar types of tv (well, -ish) and he wants me to introduce him to firefly.

he's cute, and while he did a bit of name dropping it wasn't in a totally pretentious way, so yay.  and yay no date raping or anythign like that!  he paid for drinks, which was sweet, and texted me lots after, which was also sweet, and ...

yeah, i think i'll go out with this one again.  i'm curious now, since he did so much talking about kissing, about what it would be like to kiss him.  hopefully he lives up to his own hype. 

also, i think when i hit my third drink i did a bit of talking about blowjobs and how i like them.  but surely that can't be a bad thing, right?  i blame it on all the damn fanfic.  too much talking about the cock.

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Tags: not-prince charming

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