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05 October 2011 @ 10:50 pm
oh hump day. why are you so humpy?  
random snippits ....

rest in peace steve jobs.

los angeles cannot function in rain.  seriously.  half of the undergraduates in my film class didn't make it today.  people were literally pissed off at the sky. i got to wear my kicky boots, a short jean skirt, and a collared button down shirt. i considered scarf. and the sun came out in time for me to take Domino for a walk.

i didn't realize there was a huge generational technology gap that would mean my housemate doesn't know what boing boing is.  (well, he does now, but he didn't)

i think i may have actually failed in a white-privilege-way today. 
so we had this discussion about two things in my sci fi class today:
1) Betty Freedan's the Feminine Mystique (which I hadn't read before, and we read a chapter of it, and i thought it was a great document for understanding the perspective of 2nd wave feminism in the US - flawed, exclusionary, but also kind of cool reading, and saying something interesting even if she totally ignores women of color or women in non-us countries)
2) James Tiptree Jr.'s The Women Men Don't See - a story told from the perspective of a seriously flawed narrator.  It eventually becomes obvious the guy is a huge dick as he interacts with this woman (who he has weird sexual then dismissive thoughts about over and over), her daughter (again, weird sexist, sorta rapey, sorta dismissive), and the Mexican pilot of their plane who the narrator basically slobbers over because he is a proud Mayan noble who swears in his own language and that's it.

and one woman in class was absolutely annoyed that we were talking about the Freedan and was like, I don't care if Tiptree is a feminist, she's a racist.

And I argued a bit with her.  My own thought about the Tiptree was that the unreliable narrator was doing everything over the top intentionally - that Tiptree was basically making a mockery of all of the narrator's thoughts. In other words, Tiptree was underscoring the very idiocy of the lame narrator from his perspective of white male privilege.  She argued back that because Tiptree had allowed the women to leave (aliens come and take the ladies to another world), this only made a mockery of the narrator's thoughts about women ... but the one dimensional pilot is left behind so Tiptree didn't mean it about the narrator's racist thoughts.  And yes, the setting is in Mexico in a kind of whole Imperialist/colonialist-all-non-US-spaces-are-border-spaces-and-the-inhabitants-in-them-aliens kind of way, but also in a Mayans-have-close-ties-with-aliens kind of way.

I argue back, yes, one dimensional because it's through the mind of this asshole - the whole world is one dimensional to him.  Thus the author is separating herself from the opinions of this guy -- ALL OF THEM.

Another woman notes that this looks a little bit like hipster racism.  Which, well, kinda anachronistic.  I get what she's saying though, in that Tiptree might be asking us to see how not racist she is by deploying race in a racist way.

And I return back that it would be, if we weren't critically asked to DISTRUST the narrator.  There's some more discussion about other stuff.

Anyway, class discussion over.  We all head out.  I don't realize it, but as I'm heading to my car me and girl I was arguing with most end up at the same cross walk.  I head over to her and say something to the effect of, "ok, I just want you to know I'm not trying to be an apologist about this stuff... and that you and I seemed at loggerheads today, and that sometimes I take the contrary view to work through something in discussion" 

and she looked at me, and then looked to the side in like a half nod.  and said nothing at all.


it was definitely a moment where I realized that she had no intention of engaging with me because she thought I was an asshole that wasn't going to listen to her perspective anyway.

so yeah, little embarrassing. and then, of course, we were walkign to the same parking structure.

i'm also totally procrastinating on paper correcting because i've done all my reading this week like a good munchkin and i don't want to grade papers!  at least they're only three pages long.  oh though, i want to do a workshop on thesis and how to write one.  seriously.  most of them are ... sad.  very sad.

oh and it's like... 5 days exactly till my birthday and i totally have this list of things i want, but they are so ridiculous that i'm either buying them myself or not going to be getting them as presents because they're ridiculous. 

things i will buy myself: new tennis shoes (because my old ones have holes in them); new underwear; a hair cut; frames for my japan prints; glasses

things entirely ludicrously out of reach:  kindle fire; new winter jacket; new wardrobe (i hate my clothes right now); shocks for my car

oh, i found out i have eye-health care! yay!  i didn't know that we got that as TAs, and it's awesome!  i hate wearing glasses in the rain (they get dripped on!) but had to because i ran out of contacts a couple of weeks ago.

ok, that is enough random!  goondight all!

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literate and stylish: ncis very special agentmishloran on October 6th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
But then, isn't it assholeish to say nothing at all, when someone else has just apologised to you, and stated their stance to try to clear something up before it becomes any kind of issue?

Hmm, I say. HMM.

I won't pretend to follow your discussion, because I got a bit confused up there in your LJ entry, but basically if the lady is writing from a douche's POV, and intentionally so, then the whole book isn't actually from the writer's POV, but the POV she's trying to get across, by writing from the mindset of the guy. I think.


Hey you! x
my monkied brain: Mish Rockskatekat1010 on October 9th, 2011 01:45 pm (UTC)
yes, it was a bit, wasn't it?

(sorry late comment is late dear mish)

summary of the whole thing is a bit difficult, but let's just say i really like James Tiptree's writing - if you want to read SF i would totally recommend! ;) and your summary was kind of exactly what i was trying to say!

anyway HI BACK!
idahophoenix on October 8th, 2011 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ok, just so you know, every time I pop into your journal I realize that you are kind of amazing and that I love the way your brain works.

Nuff said...and I have to admit that I cracked up reading about your discussion in class...it just brought back a lot of memories. I can't believe the student didn't engage with you on the way to the parking lot, but who knows why she didn't. Sure, she could think your a lame, apologist asshole...or she could have a huge crush on you and not know what to say...or she could have very strict opinions about talking to a teacher out of class...or laryngitis. Who knows? My take on it all is that education is all about talking about different ideas. I never understood it when people were offended that two folks actually had legitimately different takes on something. Isn't that what is supposed to be interesting?
(Not that I didn't get irritated at assholes in classes sometimes, but at least they pissed me off enough that I had to figure out how to articulate my position.)

Also--I like your out of reach birthday list. Wish I could snap my fingers and send it your way--but failing that, I do wish you a very happy birthday and at least a modicum of self-indulgence.
my monkied brain: AI_kradam final hugkatekat1010 on October 9th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
AWWWWW *SQUISHES YOU TO PIECES* thanks darling! i take great delight in my weird brain so i am glad it amuses!

and you're right about not really knowing why she didn't - it could have been a host of things like you said. i'll probably never know. the good part is that i am *mosly* ok with having people not like me these days (it used to drive me insane, but i had to get over it), and especially about the academic stuff. cuz that? it's totally what you said - if we legitimately have different takes (which we did) part of my fun is walking through them!

also thanks for the birthday wishes!! there was totally a modicum of self indulgence, with vodka! ;)