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"Photogography presents a spatial continuum;

historicism seeks to provide the temporal continuum.  According to historicism, the complete mirroring of an intratemporal sequence simultaneously contains the meaning of all that occurred within that time." ~ The Mass Ornament: Weimar Essays by Sigfried Kracauer, pg 50

(yes, this is what i read for my vis studies class, why do you ask?)

I suppose this means that, since I didn't actually capture my birthday on film, it didn't really happen?  Perhaps?  I actually don't mind getting a year older since I started telling peoplel I was 36 at the beginning of this year just to prepare myself.  Yes, I am weird, why do you ask?

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes by hook or crook or some ecommunication!  *hugs you all to pieces again*  It was really lovely to hear happy wishes! 

And in the past couple of days I've done ... well, really, as little as possible.  I mean, sure, I picked up after the party (but luckily guests are old enough that there weren't even any spills, so it was really just taking out the trash), and I went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House on Sunday and did a tour in the afternoon because my monday class was talking about his work in Tokyo and architecture (and it was really cool - it's literally 5 minutes away from my own house, first off, and I had never even known it was there.  The whole complex is on top of a hill that one from the streets doesn't really get to see, so it was like escaping LA while being right smack dab in it.  When I got there, because it's a whole complex, there was an instillation art piece happening on the lawn with people laying down like tagged dead bodies - one guy wrapped in seran wrap over his important bits and nothing else - and people picnicing on the lawns with their dogs, band members meeting with musical instruments, and then I took the tour.  Kind of awesome.

this is the living room of the house - click to blow up - so AMAZING.


Monday I had this luncheon thing at school that honored the woman who provided the fellowship so me and co-student could go to Japan this summer.  She's led a very interesting life, and brought her gentleman traveling companion with her (sadly he didn't hear very well, but they apparently still travel the earth together).  We chatted through salmon salad and chocolate cake and promotional videos extolling the virtues of our liberal arts & sciences college (which I found amusing, and a little creepy, but hey, free lunch! interesting company! short video).  In class after that I distributed cupcakes and managed to ILL two sci-fi magazines I really need from Texas A&M (who knew they had a great sci fi collection? actually, I think I did once). 

So, because I actually did have to go to school on monday I begged off my tuesday meeting and totally laid on my ass most of the day yesterday as my "official" lazy birthday.  Hey, the ex used to take an entire week off work to celebrate his, so I figure one day isn't so bad.  Besides, that afternoon I also had eye doctor appt and now I HAVE EYES!  Ok, I mean, I had eyes before, but she gave me contacts (three different kinds) to try out on the spot, and man, the difference for me between contacts and glasses is INSANE (in part because I have an astigmatism that is partially corrected by the contacts).  And also?  I had some kind of awesome eye -scan done where they emailed me pictures of the inside of my eyes.  Wanna see?

left eye

right eye

The test itself was $40 to get this, and the advantage is that they can see a whole bunch of things without having to dilate your eyes or shine REALLY bright light in them with those lenses.  Like, for instance, if you're getting detatched retina, if you're possibly developing glaucoma, if you have any anomalies cropping up in the outer part of your eye, if your veins are healthy (if not they can even indicate high blood pressure or diabetes, so it can be like an early warning system!).  Besides, cool pictures!

And since, after the appointment, I felt like I was given a new lease on my eyes, I took the dog to the dog park to celebrate out in the open air.  So, you know, getting out, and socializing, but in a low contact and free way!

Today I was back to the grindstone (actually, last night, because homework waits for no woman), but felt better for having taken a bit of a break.  Looking back on last year, it was really good. Oh sure, highs and lows and stuff, but all mine, you know?  The compromises I made were for friends and family and life that I feel like I have more of a handle on picking.  I like that about life right now ;)

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