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24 October 2011 @ 08:51 pm
I had this friend in college who used to make a dish he called Catchagoogoo (which roughly translates, in Brad-speak, to 'everything in the fridge - GO!').  His had potatoes and cheddar cheese as a base, and you just used all the veggies you could think of and threw it into a pot.

Tonight I made adult Catchagoogoo with the contents of my fridge: half a dozen mushrooms, peas, spinach, wild rice, a tiny bit of italian sausage and parmesian cheese.  HIGHLY recommended.

And welcome to my catchagoogoo post ;)

  • The weekend was UBER filled with work, and it's not stopping - so really I'm not actually here you don't see me.  I managed to get to the grocery store on Sunday after procrastinating more than I should have, and so today I also had to do laundry and bake cranberry pumpkin muffins so I can take my breakfast for the rest of the week (and considering how many muffins i have, next week and possibly the week after too).
  • I went out with C (from birthday party annoyance) on Friday night and realized that it wasn't going to be worth my time to find out what was up when she came to my party.  She lead with an 'i was tired' and then talked about the conversations she'd been in, and I realized that in part?  She's just kind of that way (with that way being a little bit haughty and holier than though/know it all). And that it wasn't my job to make her be other than herself.  I actually like her attitude - it is easy for me to deal with even when we go out as long as its on her terms.  I realize, however, that many people would not.  NOT AT ALL.  So key to that friendship is not having her interact with my other friends - it may not be perfect, but hey, workable.
  • Dog was a silly idiot today when I pulled the sheets off the bed, first hopping on, then playing under the stuff on the floor.  she is a dork.  I will someday prove this with another picspam of her.  *plans with an evil laugh*
  • As mentioned above made cranberry pumpkin muffins with triple the cranberries because even if they're tart i LOVE them.  oh gods.  now i just have to restrain myself from eating them all today.
ok, back to the trenches of classical translation!  then prepping for like the uber-long day tomorrow where I have to be at the getty at 9:30 am.  and, ok, yeah, its the getty, but still, kind of lame.  I see why art historians get into this stuff though - they get to hang out in museums.

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literate and stylish: buffy looking upmishloran on October 25th, 2011 07:46 am (UTC)
really I'm not actually here you don't see me

You know who I really miss? That Katekat chick. Damn, it's been ages since her last update... ;)

Also, on Friday I got to spend the beginning part of the day at a museum! (Well, plaster cast gallery. But. Same diff; museum!) Okay, it was a trail-around-behind-the-lecturer-and-learn-how-to-take-kids-round (we will be taking some 11/12 year olds around it at the end of the teacher training course. I haven't quite figured out why yet, but I think he said it was something to do with 'widening participation' or 'Classics for all' or some nonsense) and it was followed by everyone-pile-into-a-small-room-and-translate-and-talk-about-translating-some-Virgil but it was still museumage!

I hope you have fun despite the 'urgh'!!
strentasom on November 2nd, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC)
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!