my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

NOT fair.

I thought I only had six more mid terms to grade tonight until I was getting out of my car this evening and looked into the back seat and realized that there were 10 ungraded ones sitting there that I'd taken with me the other day then left.


I am not grading at the moment but I will be soon.  Just finished going over presentation with friend from the Visual Studies class - we got to pick a word and then find objects in the Getty Archives that fit that word somehow.  It's a crazy roller coaster ride, but the cool part is that we have two different prints from 1793 of her beheading, Conan Doyle's actual book on Spirit Photography (which you can find in reprint, but this is original printing), a woodblock cut of a comet from Austria in 1680, and Marcel Duchamp's The White Box which is so unspeakably cool I can't even describe it.

I feel a little like a kid in a candy store - WE GET TO TOUCH THEM! - but also like, damnit, why didn't I do art history?  this stuff is FUN.

School is crashing, bombarding, strolling along.  I try to keep track of the important things and not sweat the small stuff.  And dog got over her bruise in three days, so yay for that. I can't believe it's already November, but the rent check I had to write says it is.

I spent the morning playing on the tumblr I made for my EA Cinema class (here if any of you want to be occasionally bored by EA Cinema stuff) which I am debating showing to the professor or not.  Not that I think he would hate it, but I think he might not *get* it, and it's difficult to explain tumblr to the un-addicted.  I tried with my grad student friend today and he was like, 'ok, i kinda see how that's cool' and you know, was vaguely interested, but i think it's impossible to convey how sometimes my fingers now just ITCH to tumble things to him. Because I'm not certain I understand it myself.  Very different than text based stuff, that's for sure.

i think i need one of those hang in there kitten posters as an icon - that's kind of the way i'm feeling today.  started out monday tired, am still tired, have two more days to go. yeach.

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Tags: new media, phd program, tumblr, visual studies

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