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Puppy picspam of doom

Took the dog to the vet and she has a torn CCL (which is an ACL  in humans, and is a torn ligament).  Vet recommended surgery, but that is not in the financial cards AT ALL.  Additionally I've found some advice online that surgery isn't always the best option.  Looks like it's probably degenerative rather than trauma induced, which is also ... i don't know actually if that's good or bad.  But basically it means I cried a bit this morning because my puppy has something wrong with her that I can't afford to take any means necessary to fix that is likely a lifelong condition.  The good news is that I can reduce her activity and, while not easy, that should help her grow scar tissue around the ligament that will enable her to continue to stay active.

in other silver lining news, even the vet visit today with x-rays, prescription dog pain killers, and vitamin supplements, was overwhelmingly expensive compared to my own little budget so i texted the ex. and he was willing to help out financially. this is the first contact i'd had with him since january i think? anyway, without fuss he actually gave me enough to cover all of that and a little bit more for future bills. it was weird but also such a relief and a huge help.

So, anyway, in honor of puppyness, and because I've been meaning to do it anyway, I give you Domino picspam.

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Tags: animals: domino

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