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i did work! on a saturday!

man that's weird. I feel very proud of myself though - I managed to draft the six page theoretical paper that discusses me and my partner's project. We were asked to choose five objects from the Getty Archive that were arranged around a word that was important to visual studies, and then write about how those objects revealed to us something about that word's relationship to the field, or the field itself. We chose disembodiment. It was fun. We had engraved woodcuts of Marie Antoinette's decapitation. And other things. Anyway, it was six pages of me trying to talk about how the disembodied is productive but should always remain in a tension with the 'embodied.'

Anyway, now onto other things. Plans for the weekend are as follows:
- walk doggie
- buy groceries for coming week
- do laundry
- buy sandpaper for shelving unit i 'liberated' from the street so it can become linen cupboard
- write draft of my prospectus (which means four short papers) by Tuesday
- shower
- hang out with friends tonight

I am annoyed that the client I use for updating dreamwidth/lj is not compatible with firefox 8 (and don't hate me, but I hate semagic, so I can't use it). It is weird to be typing into the 'update' page.

It's been a cold and gloomy day here in LA. And since they happen so rarely it's actually been really nice as a kind of excuse to stay in jammies and not go outside. Not that I usually need excuses, but still, the operating principle is sound.

And in other random things, I have also been consuming adorable fanfiction ... here, you can have some of it too:

Downtown (everything's waiting for you) by anon at xmen_firstkink
XMen // Charles/Erik // Pretty Woman AU // NC17 // 10,000~ words
Tight jeans and eyeliner, bright lights and dirty streets. Downtown LA, with its rumbling traffic and crowded sidewalks. It’s a place you go to forget your cares. A place where everybody’s got a dream. His dream was decent money, a client that didn’t leave marks and a roommate that he didn’t want to punch in the face. None of it was likely to come true any time soon. Still, it was better than no dream at all.

OMG sure you were like if anyone was going to do Pretty Woman Charles would totally be the prostitute and YOU WOULD BE WRONG BECAUSE ERIK WORKS SO MUCH BETTER. This is awesome and just everything you want in a movie AU and OM NOM NOM. Plus special appearance by Tony Stark

Quickening Days by fahye_fic
Merlin // Merlin/Arthur // R // 20,000
In which dragons & ghosts & prejudices are confronted, Merlin wears a hat (twice) and a dress (once), Arthur breaks some crockery (lots), there are more pranks than pillowfights but at least one of each, and many secrets are revealed.

I'm a sucker for good plotty Merlin-reveals-his-magic fics and this is one of the good kind. And growdhog day esque fics, because they also work.

The World On Hist Wrist by bendingsignpost
BBC Sherlock // John // AU // PG13 //30,000~
First, he is shot in Afghanistan. Second, he wakes to a phone call in Chelmsford, Essex. Third is pain, fourth is normalcy, fifth is agony and sixth is confusion. By the eighth, he's lost track. (John-centric AU)

Ok, so this is a more serious story than I usually go for, but it's kind of incredible and a really weird but lovely time traveling (but not, not at all) idea. It takes a little bit to get one's legs, so stick with it if it feels weird, but the ending is all worth it and super cool and just... sometimes a really good concept fic is what your'e in the mood for. And even if you didn't know it, you're in the mood for this one.

I have more recs (like this number times oh, 100 since my last recs post) but am too lazy to do the write ups. Want to find them? Visit my fanfic tag at pinboard.

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