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Picspam - Getty things

I mentioned in my last post that I was doing this project in the Visual Studies class where we had to pick out five items from the Getty special collections around a certain theme, and then show them to the class. It so happened that my partner took photographs of all the items, so I'm throwing them up in a picspam. Why not right?

We chose these because they represented four different forms of disembodiment: the literal act, the photographed spirit, the phenomenon of light, and the conceptually reproduced

(click to embiggen)

2 engraved prints of
Fin tragique de Marie Antoinette d’Autriche reine de France
(Prints of the French Revolution, 1774)
detail of Antoinette's body

detail of Antoinette's body

Conan Doyle's
The Case for Spirit Photography
spirit photograph

Eigentlicher abriss dess Schröcklichen Cometsterns...
German Print depicting the great comet
(Augsburg, 1680)
detail of the two birds and dragon constellations
the comet tail extended through

Cover of Marcel Duchamp's
The White Box
note from The White Box
hand painted postcard from box
Duchamp's notes on back of postcard

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