my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

had so much fun we forgot the cranberries (until the next day)

The menu worked out so amazing I want to go and do everything over again. But the fun of holiday cooking is getting to explore other things, so possibly not?

(and then, when we had everything again the next day, we also did orange-cranberry sauce!)

And, a Turkey Day Picspam:

elizabuffy and amber!

my mom!

deviled eggs (they do not last long with me around)

eb & pear/blue cheese tarts

me & eb!

mom & domino!

amber chopping ... apple? i think apple

the four ladies!

the four ladies and a man (this is boy!housemate for the curious)

DINNER! (and dessert)

four women at griffith park

the view at night from the observatory

As you may have noticed from the image up there (and the pics) I got to celebrate my turkey day with elizabuffy & my mom & amber! We had an amazing time - lots of eating, lots of (slightly unplanned) car riding, a planetarium show, an awesome silent movie, a bbc sherlock marathon, and seriously amazing company. Sadly EB & Amber took off this morning for other parts, but I get to keep mom for a couple more days. My brain is offline enough that I can't come up with the perfectest words to express how awesome the entire couple of days were, so you'll have to just take my word for it. For all this? I'm thankful.

*hugs you all*

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Tags: adventures in la la land, animals: domino, family, picspam, recipe

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