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tales from the homestead: i had an inadvertant makeover today

My sister and I went to the mall to do last minute christmas shopping and she had to go to the bare essentials store and ... lured me in by suggesting to the woman helping us that she should do something with my eyes.  The good parts were twofold: I know many of the tricks to make your eye bigger and rounder (darker color in the fold of the eye and at the edge, light/white color close to the tear-ducts, etc), but I was taught another about creating a dark almost liquid line with a smidge of moistened eye shadow right across the lid near the eyelash line, and how to blend it back into the eyelash line to make more size.

upshot: makeup is addictive.

result: since i didn't have any of my remover stuff at this house and my stepmom doesn't use it, it took me like 20 minutes to get it all off last night before bed.  these are the reasons why i'm lazy about makeup.

We've already had one christmas here (which is why I was incommunicado).  Our family on this side is a big mob of 20-25 people (and that's without ALL the dates/girlfriends, etc) so the house fills up with warmth and smiles and people munching on appetizers.

I'm sure most families have this, but we totally have hello/goodbye hugging lines - whoever is in the house already all stand up so whoever just came in basically can circle the room giving hugs, and we all gather in the entry way giving them back at the end of the night.  It's hilarious, but also awesome.  And those of us that linger in the doorways get like multiple hugs goodbye when the people go around again.

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