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5 questions meme: my questions from idahophoenix / Dreamwidth-LJ cleanup

idahophoenix asked me the following (super awesome) questions:

1. Why all the love for Giles?

OMG. It's been a long time since I explained this one, but it all starts with smart guys. Smart guys with glasses. Giles is like the ultimate smart guy (book guy) with research calluses and an excitement about arcane and obscure things that at times makes him blush. But at the same time, he's got a beautifully wrecked past, with drugs and sex and rock and roll and demon raising in the mix, and so he can be incredibly fierce when push comes to shove (particularly when people he loves are threatened). Add that all up and throw in some adorable tweedy jackets and suspenders and you have a fairly compelling man.

When I first watched the series I loved him just because even though he was an adult he had just as many problems as the highschoolers did. And then I got into Buffy fic/fandom I moved from Buffy/Faith to Buffy/Giles and devoured everything I could. In fanfiction I found the traits I'd liked in the show magnified by authors, or explored by them, and Giles' POV, which was often just fantastic. I blame elizabuffy for the fact that I moved from Giles/Buffy into slash - she IM'd me snippits of Giles/Xander when I thought that slash was crazy and Xander was too young (don't ask me, the brain is a weird place)

2. What would Kirk (reboot ;) and Cheeks talk about if they were stuck in an elevator--or would they find other ways to occupy themselves? (See, you got me thinking about pairings in elevators!)

HA, you don't think that Cheeks could totally flirt Kirk into a compromising position? I mean, seriously, those lashes. And the wickedness in them? Cheeks could talk many people into doing anything he liked. Even if they started out talking I don't think they'd stay talking for long. Because also, I'm assuming that Kirk is totally gay catnip.

3. What piece of art (painting, photo, sculpture, whatever) would you like to see someone use as inspiration to write a fanfic?

HMMM, this is a toughie!! But like a totally brilliant question! I downloaded three photoshoots from one of the model/magazine websites I used to frequent all at the same time, and I've always thought for some reason that all the photos go together. I would love to know what the story behind all of these are.

4. Do you consider yourself as a political person--if yes, how would you describe your politics. If no--why?

Yes! Although I don't often blog about it on my journal - something about typing that stuff out makes my blood boil, and concentrating on it for too long gives me headaches. But so much of my self identity is bound up in the firmly held belief that the personal is political (and the political, personal). I'm fiercely liberal, and used to get into loud discussions with friends and acquaintances who weren't. Mostly though I talk politics with all three of my parents and my best friend nearly daily. Now, my politics (sorry, got distracted there for a minute). I regularly call myself a crazy leftist liberal, and I'm a radical feminist sympathizer (as in I can understand the perspectives and appreciate the way they think). I'm a social-anarchist stuck in a capitalist world. I'm a pacifist, a pro-choice advocate, a death penalty hater, an advocate for the legalization of queer marriage and legalization of drugs. But I also try to live in the world without gnashing my teeth daily, so even though I'm subscribed to ontd_political I can't always read the articles. Some days I think that the world as we live in it is going to come to a crashing and burning end because we are so fucked in so many ways (environmentally, socially, economically) ... and some days I think it might be a good idea because how else do you demolish the pervasiveness of capitalism? And some days I have hope that while changes is slow it is possible.

5. Choose who you would want as a student in one of your classes and why: Faith, Adam, Merlin, Draco, Buffy or Obama (just to mix it up a little!)

LOLZ! That's a fabulous and hilarious list! I'd have to say either Merlin (I cannot believe he would not be super enthusiastic and soak up knowledge like a sponge when he could make it to class - and he'd have the best excuses for missing since, you know, the whole magically saving people all the time), or Draco (I like the arrogant know it alls, even when they drive me insane, because they challenge me to be smarter and better....).

If you want to play, leave "Squee!" as part of your comment to this entry and I'll think up 5 questions for you too! The only rule is you have to answer them at some point and extend the offer to others...

Also, a note about recent defriendings:
I am trying to move at least half time to dreamwidth, and since a bunch of people have popped up over there, I spent the morning trying to consolidate my flists so that I have everyone who is posting and active on Dreamwidth over here on my Dreamwidth flist, and everyone still active on LJ still on my LJ flist. If I hit the checkmark button on accident, please drop me a note!

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