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Artwork roundup: kink_bigbang artwork & thanks for OTW membership drive

The Master List at kink_bigbang is live! Check out all the fics and give them love?

Also, I did arts!

Fic: link to the master index of Complications by [profile] siricerasi
Fandom: Dark Blue
Pairing: Jaimie Allen/Dean Bendis

Summary: Dean Bendis has few rules in his life, but one he tries hard to follow is to keep his relationships uncommited and uncomplicated. But when Jaimie Allen joins his team, she somehow starts to tear his rulebook to shreds. As he learns more and more about his new partner, Dean finds himself wanting to help her piece her shattered life back together, even if it does involve complications. And most confounding to him of all, he finds himself wanting to be a part of that life, because being with Jaimie makes him feel more alive than he has in years.

Jaimie Allen moved to L.A. to start her life over, to recreate herself. But she finds that her past can't be shaken as easily as she'd hoped, and against her better judgement comes to rely more and more on the help of her partner, Dean. Jaimie finds herself torn between the normal, outwardly perfect life her lawyer boyfriend Scott can provide and the safety and comfort of her secret, lusty affair with Dean. She has to come to terms with the fact that she might not find happiness in the dream of normality she's always had, but instead in the simple understanding and care of her teammate.

Fic: link to the fic by [personal profile] morrigans_eve (forthcoming)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Jess Parker/Hilary Becker

Summary: Jess Parker accidentally finds herself with a somewhat broken Captain Hilary Becker as her submissive. Honestly, it wasn’t her intention, but now she has him, she will make this work. Along the way, she finds herself offering him what he needs to repair some of the cracks in his emotional armour, beginning the process of fixing the broken road that led them into each other’s arms.

And in thanks to people who were helping OTW's fund drive, I did these pretties (all images link to the corresponding fic if there is one):

for nwhepcat

for [personal profile] sahiya

for seductivembrace

for [personal profile] samanthahirr

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl
Tags: *fandom: american idol, *fandom: general, *fandom: white collar, *pairing: elizabeth/peter/neal, *pairing: kris/adam, my graphics, my headers, my movie posters

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