my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

ps - brain is not working

Happy New Year!!!   For new years I got a cold, so I got to get up from friend's house and drive for six hours with my throat getting steadily scratchier and my head pounding worse from the light fever.  It was really lovely to get home and sleep in my bed, make copious amounts of tea from my own kettle, and have the dog assume her usual spots around the house today to sleep in the sun.  Although its not been *too* bad today I haven't had the mental energy to be 100% coherent (that meme literally took me six hours to finish because of my attention span), and i have no idea if my voice is bad because i haven't talked to anyone (which is kind of cool). 

and i managed to forget my cell phone charger at my mom's house, so i'm not making any calls right now so i can keep the charge ok for emergencies (at least until the charger comes in the mail)

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl

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