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not too bad at all, actually!

happy vallentine's day! :D I hope those of you who celebrated are having good days. i thought i might be introspective about today, but i found myself just smiling at people who were wandering around with flowers (either to give or as recipients), thinking that i didn't really care that much but i was glad there were people out there who did.

I had a good day even though I didn't actually make any plans for it to be one. Which is kind of amazing, considering I've been feeling stress around every corner lately. Nothing major happened, just little things that all added up:
  • i made excellent (even if strange) italian veggie casserole (basically lasagna without the ricotta or the big noodles) that was even more delightful for lunch today than it was last night.
  • one of my students gave me a little bag of valentine's candy! (and even if she was trying to butter me up because today they turned in their first paper, I'm taking it as a sweet genuine thing, so there).
  • i did my taxes and i am actually getting money back this year, and i *really* need it, so it's a huge relief.
  • and soon, I will start grading student papers. hopefully the track record of today will still hold (*fingers crossed*)

My mom visited overnight on Sunday, which was literally a visit of like four hours, and NOT long enough. Still nice to hug her though. I spent way too much time on the weekend cleaning in preparation, especially since the dog is shedding due to the fabulous weather we've been having.

Ok, the housemate just cleaned out the fridge and left the trashbag of gross food in the middle of the kitchen floor while he proceeds to wash out some of the tupperware he's had growing experiments in the fridge. Streak broken? lolz.
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