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I'm profoundly grateful that many I know or read or snuggle up to on the computer screen are safely reporting in and safely away. Sad that there has to be a check in process, and that it's possible I can't tell if there are people missing. Part of the problem with the virtual world is that I don't recognize country markers like I used to. But I think you're all safe, and my thoughts are with all involved.

But we did this. By "we" I mean "America", and by "America", I mean "he" and by "he" I mean our dully "elected" President and his cronies... and by "elected" I mean ... that he stole it.

But I digress.

Annoyed - that's what comes next. Probably closer to pissed off, but it's with a hearty helping of guilt on the side. Maybe I should've been working harder to convince people not to vote for the bastard that sits in our White House and calls himself a peacemaker. The man who brings more violence to the world in the name of ideology. The man who practically encourages this kind of crap by screaming "no, we are strong! Just try us" The man that picks new targets for his anger over his breakfast table and force feeds them to the public and who seems to be both controlled by others and in so much control that nothing else escapes him. The conservative machine.

It's such a waste. Such a senseless, stupid, problematic, painful waste. And I don't care what cause it's for, killing is aboslutely not an option. Never should be. Shouldn't have to be.

I'm angry -- mostly at the climate that produced these people who thought they needed to do something as awful as this -- rather than the people themselves. If we lived in a different world... NO... if we changed the godddam world so it was different, if we made living matter, if we made the have-nots matter as much as we value the haves... I believe this kind of evil painful horrible thing wouldn't happen.

I have to believe that, because if I don't, then no change is possible and madmen will always rule us. And that sucks more ass than the knowledge that a madman rules us now.
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