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for the first year I was on my own cooking just for me was a liberating experience - I didn't have to try to satisfy a picky pallet that wasn't my own. (weirdly a picky pallet that had stopped mentally maturing at 16 - the ex still likes/d pop tarts, rice crispy treats, coca cola, and wanted to order pepperoni pizza once a week). I cut out a lot of processed food, stopped drinking soda daily, and made dinners with herbs in them, or things I'd chosen out of cook books. (That was something else the ex never wanted to do - plan ahead meals - because he claimed he never knew what he was going to be hungry for until the evening when it was time to prepare it. And guess what that translated to? A lot of high fat, high calorie food ordering, which was not only unhealthy but expensive, and led to a weird kind of binge eating because it took long enough for everyone to decide they were hungry, decide on a place to order from, then time for the delivery driver to get it there, that my stomach often felt like a terrifying pit).

This is not to say that I can be on a high horse about no longer being unhealthy, but my unhealthy tends more towards richness or buttery and less towards processed, more towards baked at home and less towards 'injected with fat to make it taste better' (sorry, that's what krispy kreme tastes like to me). So I make salads with blue cheese on them, sandwiches with brie, tacos with sour cream. Carbs and I are friends - deep, abiding, close friends, whether it's many seed bread or cranberry muffins or home made waffles. I get the 300 calorie a serving greek yogurt because the other kind tastes awful to me. I eat more fruit now than I have at any other time in my life, in part to make up for all the vegetables I'm not exactly eating. I'm occasionally eating brocolli or carrots, but often hidden in something else like a casserole. I mostly plan my meals around a meat as my protein, and I still fry my egg when I am doing an egg in the morning.

That was a long intro to say that while I feel better about what I eat and am happier with how and what I eat, I still would like to change some of my own habits. But a friend mentioned once that it took her ten years to entirely change her habits (she posted on tumblr today this beautiful photo of a roasted beet salad and miso soup she'd had for lunch) and I figure I'm in good shape I've come this far in only two (and by this far, I mean I think over the last fifteen years I hadn't regularly kept fruit in the house, mostly ate vegetables either out at dinner or with so much processed/frozen/other alongside that any goodness was canceled out).

That being said, today was a day for indulgence! I actually made the crispy french toasts I'd linked to last week and they were DELICIOUS. Two pieces was also just an amazing ton of food, but the most delightful part was that they browned really nicely in the oven.

I also had bagel and lox for dinner because I went to the store without an agenda. MMMM. When I do bagel & lox I do the whole stinky wonderful mess - toast the bagels, lots of cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, and finally that yummy yummy lox. So amazing and delightful and tasty.

now, to homework... never ending homework!

work related link of the day: Youtube vid visualizing the 6th dimension This is a "tour" starting from the zeroth dimension, and moving all the way up to the sixth, and then back down to zero. It starts out with a point, which turns into a line, then a square, a cube, a tesseract (4D cube), a pentaract (5D cube), and then a hexaract (6D cube).

fannish thing of the day: I am now caught up to the most current episode of Supernatural, a show I never expected to like, but have found quirky and irreverent and overwhelmingly angsty in turns (which is what many of you have been saying for years, and yes, i know, i am late, late, late to the party). I still find the gruff talking ridiculous (but it was how i knew *spoiler* Cas was still Cas and not his 'human' host). I have also come to understand the hotness of Dean/Jensen is something you can only really see in motion - his eyes do not do the thrilling thing they do in photographs unless you already know it is there from having watched him hold his *feelings* deep deep inside in action. Much like Merlin/Colin, who I find deeply attractive, but mostly only after I've seen all of the expressions his face makes in action.

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