my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


no sleep. combo of too much caffeine, an extra assignment i took on because i'm the only one who really gets a kick out of reading foucault, a couple of long days, and the feeling like i'm running out of time.

oh, and the factor that makes my ass twitch? the existence of the other guy who decided on Monday he wanted to talk about Foucault today too, who then ceases to check his email until this morning. yes, presentation needed to be done by noon today. no, i am not at my computer this morning, since i leave for campus at 8.

wouldn't have mattered, since the guy doesn't even bother to email me back. i see him in class and ask what happened, and he says 'my email was down'. bullshit. there is no such thing. (and for those who would argue there is, the guy's got a campus mail account, so he could've checked in at any of the 50 computer labs on campus, or any private computer system off campus).

And, he shows up and just happens to have read chapters 3-4 -- the ones we weren't supposed to talk on. Then has the gall to suggest we still do it together. and I'm mad at myself because I caved. Oh, sure, it's not like he looked smart sitting up there beside me - i gave him a paragraph about Foucault's life to read, and did the discussion about the actual theory myself. but, i'm such a fucking pussy. why couldn't i have just stuck to my guns and said - well, since we didn't work together, why don't you just keep your fucking mouth shut and let those of us who did the work, do the work? he's supposed to talk about chapters 3 & 4 on friday. i'm so annoyed i could spit, because he's basically getting off scott free. and i wanted vengeance. the turd.

in the general madness of trying to figure out how to actually teach theory, i find out i've completely forgotten a linguistics homework assignment. an assignment i haven't finished, because i was too busy studying a popular french philosopher. there's also a mid-term in that class on friday. have i studied? hell no. there's one in bio on monday. have i studied? hell no.

i feel like i'm too tired (a couple of hours of sleep a night just does not do it for me) to actually think about this stuff. putting the foucault together was like pulling teeth. my brain feels quite on the verge of meltdown. so i procrastinated and watched two hours of tv when i got home - a safe mindless break. only now, now i keenly feel the loss of those tiny two hours. gah. why haven't they made a decent time machine? or a buffer against brain meltdown. how the hell did i do all this the first time?

On the great side, I had a fabulous vd with my beloved. Who, for some insane reason, still loves me after all these years. He even listens to me rant. That part's just weird.
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