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for werewolfbigbang - art for The Son's Curse by Sparrowshellcat

Title (and link to fic): The Son's Curse
Author: sparrowshellcat / [personal profile] sparrowshellcat
Artist: [personal profile] katekat
Fandom: Avengers (Movie-verse/Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
Pairings: Tony/Steve
Notes: I got to illustrate this fantastic, funny, and fun fic by Sparrowshellcat, who is an absolute dream to work with - thank you so much darlin for giving me such a great story to try to capture!!

Summary: It started, really, when a traitor got the jump on Steve Rogers of all people, cutting through all of the defences that the Avengers thought that they had, and attacking Captain America. Then someone tried to kill Iron Man, and Captain America found that he took on the skin of a wolf when he came to his friend's defence. Only the curse isn't limited to just the Avengers - like a the very best of viral warfare, the curse starts to surge through the entire population of New York. The only link is Loki - and the curse on his son, Fenrir.




1600x1280 / 1600x900 / 1024x768

1600x1280 / 1600x900 / 1024x768

also posted to dreamwidth | you can reply here or there | um, but don't worry, i'm still an lj girl
Tags: *fandom: avengers, *pairing: tony/steve, my graphics, my movie posters, my walls

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