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since LJ scrapbook is being a bitch - picture links!

I wanted to do a picspam, but LJ has decided I am not allowed to update photos. I'm sure there's been a comprehensive announcement about it from LJ support or something (ha!) that I missed because I've not been able to keep up with the flist.

However, in the way that you do when your current technology goes haywire, I have instead posted my pics up at tumblr, which is always happy to accept them! So, i give you linksies!

My Awesome Apartment

In all it's Japanese-y glory (in that everything is small, cramped, and sort of disheveled). The apartment is actually much bigger than I expected. I managed to take pictures of my room (that's the one with the blue pillow & chair) but not my bed, so it looks more like a living room than anything else. It's not! The living room is the thing with the table and chairs in it (it's a living room / dinning room). Still, I'm fairly pleased.

My Awesome Neighborhood

I was bored. Pictures happen. Here are some of the images of my neighborhood - the most boring white building is my apartment (but hey, it doesn't have to be fancy!). It's a great neighborhood so far. Quiet, charming, and people actually greet me when I walk past sometimes with more than a head nod. Lots of dogs. And the closest grocery store is literally down the block.

Surprise Neighborhood festival!

While heading out on Sunday to get groceries, take a break from studying, and just to get the hell out of the house, the housemate and I ran into *this*. Nearest we can tell it was a festival for a local god (that's the thing in the shrine that is being carried around the town). Half the people were carrying the shrine, while the other half pushed them in backwards so they made very very slow progress. We have no idea, but two theories: a) the people pushing back were the representatives of the bad kami, and the shrine holds the good kami (kami are local gods) and so the good kami slowly wins over the bad to protect the neighborhood OR b) the people pushing back represent the reluctant kami who doesn't want to come out of his shrine, and the people pushing forward represent the faith of the people drawing the kami out to protect his neighborhood.

Or it could be something entirely different.

but now at least you have pictures!

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