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on nights out and finding balance and, you know, not breaking down

so the sky will probably fall tomorrow. Why? this week I had a pretty good week. And today I did chores (just a few) and mostly watched some bad tv (Arrow anybody? It's kind of ludicrous but sort of hitting it's stride?) and didn't think about Japanese.

I was also done with my homework most days this week before 10 pm, because Sam and I are embarking on a week of 'we do our homework together so we don't goof around as much and just get it done' and it seems to have gone fairly well. We also shared a celebratory glass of whiskey while we watched Romney's concession speech gleefully and made fun of how the Fox presenters were basically making things up out of whole cloth throughout the night.

And AO3 re-implemented their tag system!! With like ability to sort by kudos!! (look, these things? they make me happy).

Even though we'd just gotten done with a week long break, it was a difficult week for most of the school. Four people had meltdowns of some sort (one of them literally right in front of me, two who ended up taking off the afternoon classes and classes entirely for friday, and one who just looked like he'd been punched in the face repeatedly because he was so tired). This is the beginning of the longer haul where everyone begins to loose a little focus, or feel like the usual 'hump' of feeling like you can't say anything is actually a rather large cliff that you can't seem to get yourself to jump off of.

And then there's me - while I'm currently knocking on all available wood around me as I type this - I've had some tiredness, an inability to properly recognize simple kanji, and a little feeling of needing to buck myself up a bit, but honestly not these major crises. Sure, still plowing, and I was a bit intimidated by my afternoon class, but we're settling in, and I'm feeling pretty ok.

However, group exhaustion apparently lead to karoke, and that kind of wasn't up my alley, so last night was a little quieter - a couple of drinks at this strangely-USA-like-pub (that serves ribs) with Sam, Federico (he *is* italian!) and a Japanese friend of Sam's. Of course, because I came home and then went back out, my housemate thought I was still *in* and actually chained up the door to lock it (I apparently scared the shit out of her when i told her about this -- she was in the middle of showering at like midnight and i addressed her through the window).

Sam and I are planning a big Thanksgiving meal (though probably on the 23rd not the 24th). It's going to be *crazy* because the cooking will be spread among a bunch of different people's apartments. So far it looks like there will be about 23 people going, too, which isn't exactly a tiny party. But Sam's going to cook, and I can organize like a demon, and one of the other students has offered her apartment (and the apartment of her friend down the hall from her), so I think it'll all turn out hilarious, tasty, and probably a bit of a wild ride. *fingers crossed* The devil is in the details though, and there will be lots of those.

I am learning interesting work arounds for not having an oven though! Like did you know you can bake bread and cakes in rice makers? I didn't, but I do now! And they even look super tasty.

Other than that I've been consulting with probably a dozen people in different ways about their applications to a variety of grad programs from MA to PhD. Last weekend I edited Fede's work, including writing samples and letters of introduction to professors at the programs he was applying at, and tomorrow I'll be finishing editing a writing sample for another woman who wants to do Japanese lit/culture, and I was trading emails this afternoon with a woman who is interested in USC specifically. Just call me the resident guidance councilor / editor! And a friend of mine in the states is working on his apps too, and I'll be editing his stuff as soon as he sends it to me (Gabriel, send it soon!) It keeps the brain active, I will say that for it!

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