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Meme (Spam!)

HAHA! Bet you thought you were done with posts from me. Well you were wrong!

gakked from malnpudl

OK, since I can't follow directions well either here are the 13 I'd shag:

1. Rupert Giles. Can't resist. Too much goodness wrapped up in a beautiful brain with adorable eyes. Yumm. Enough said.
Now, this one will get me into trouble - but note FICTIONAL character:
2. Spike (pre season 6). I like some naughty bleached blond boy sometimes.
3. Officer Wendell 'Bud' White (from LA Confidential)
4. Mark Hunter/Happy Harry Hard On (from Pump Up the Volume)
5. Dade Murphy (from Hackers)
6. Rick Deckard (from Blade Runner)
7. Jack Bauer (from 24)
8. Derek Vinyard (from American History X)
9. Seth Gecko (from From Dusk Till Dawn)
10. Tyler Durden (from Fight Club)
11. Aragorn (from LOTR)
12. Duncan McCloud (i can understand about the immortality objection but for a shag? The man has got to have learned something in all that time!)
13. Michael Corvin (from Underworld

My only disclaimer is that, although I'd shag 'em, I wouldn't necessarily keep 'em. They're too volatile, scary, and occasinally psycho. But they're certainly hot!


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