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Music: Ok, this isn't fandom, but it's such a cool transformative work!! (even if i'm not the biggest fan of one of the songs). The person takes a Miles Davis song & a LCD Sound system song (both on youtube), and plays them together. Its beautiful.

Gardening: Moss does NOT equal mold... and should possibly be encouraged to live in our homes? Also, Japan has moss in its national anthem?

[english language news article about moss pictures]

Art/Advertising: Apparently in LA they're doing a campaign to fundraise for LA schools by getting artists to design really awesome things. One of them is a bunch of buses that are covered with Emmerson quotes! And a billboard that reads HUMAN HISTORY BECOMES MORE AND MORE A RACE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND CATASTROPHE (which, um, so true)

[see cool pictures here]

Literature-ish: Curious about Japanese ghost stories? I got directed to this "Litrolab" pod-cast of Lafcadio Hearn's ghost stories. The interesting thing is that he wrote them down because no one else thought they were important ... and then they got famous outside of Japan, and the Japanese themselves took notice and translated his english-language book back into Japanese... and these are the forms of the tales that are most famous today in Japan.

[oooooo, scary .... ok, well, maybe not totally scary]

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