my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the happy happy end!


Today was our last official class day for the semester! We had a test in our afternoon classes and some random play in our morning classes. I'll be honest I've been burnt out for a week or so. Course me burnt out means spending like three hours a night practicing for my presentation yesterday. However, when I got to the vocab lists last night, and started to review the articles that were going to come up, I organized them and then .... turned to the interwebs for entertainment. OH interwebs.

That being said I slogged through the test today and gleefully turned home to sloth around my room underneath my awesome kotatsu. Oh, and made pancakes for dinner. Just cuz.

Tomorrow we have our end of the semester interviews with our sensei, then I'm DONE for real. Housemate leaves for America around 1 pm. Sam is going to come over and make home-made fish tacos for five of us. After that more lovely people are going to come over and have a celebratory drink before they either fly off back to the US or start their winter breaks here.

anyway, ON BREAK. OMG.

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