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slothing around doing nothing - TV post

is anybody else watching these? what do you guys think?


ok, so, um, i think i've seen the 'brothers almost break up but then they get back together because they're too codependant to deal with anything else' story line at least once a season? is that about right? i'm sad about Bennie though. I like him, and now he's totally falling off the wagon. this is also the second season that i'm watching not on netflix, ep by ep, so its a little weird to have to wait to see what happens next.


i wanted this show to be better than it is, but it totally sucks. at this point i'm downloading it for what's-his-name's ab shots, even if they're the same ab shots as last week, just from a different angle. oh, and for the Cop dad, because he was Harry Dresden and I love him as an actor. And I keep getting amused by John Barrowman playing a bad guy. I think he's better at that than he is as good guy, but I also keep expecting him to spontaneously erupt into innuendo or wear his WWII jacket or kiss someone and am sad that its not happening. I'll probably keep watching it as long as I can download it just because it's *something* that has a vague superhero thing, but it really should be a show about all the side characters. Watching the trauma-on-the-island flashbacks are like watching someone's baby bath-tub-videos - sorta cute but also vaguely uncomfortable. Also it's clear they're stretching *that* storyline out too so they can do flashbacks each episode, but it would be cooler if they managed to occasionally put in something that had relevance to the 'present day' instead of it being a whole other subplot that we literally get one sentence an episode on.


OH MY GOD THIS WHOLE SHOW IS SUCKING SO MUCH EXCEPT FOR HARVEY. And as much as I'm pleased we have lots of Harvey backstory, I am SO over this season. They made Jessica into a petty overlycontrolling woman who is just now getting back some of her equilibrium, and Mike is like the whiniest whiner. And honestly, the killing grammy storyline and his downward spiral is just ... ANNOYING. I'm glad that he's taking his own advice and cleaning the fuck up, but I could have lived without this episode where he's dealing with a case just like his parents as the first case out of the gate from his grandma dying AND the first case out of the gate from them winning back the lawfirm. I also don't like they way that Mike is trying to bitch about there being no shades of gray when he's the one that crosses the line too. This whole series was awesome at first but is kind of moving towards an 'all angst, all the time' model that i'm not pleased with. i may not be watching for too much longer.


ALSO not pleased with how this show basically manipulated Watson into making a sly underhanded choice instead of a clear choice that she wanted to continue to work with Holmes. I go back and forth with this show because I really fiercely love Lucy Lawless and Johnny Lee Miller both, and I think they're finding their feet with a Holmes that is good at deduction but bad at people, with Watson as the good at people and getting better at deduction. BUT the recovery-trauma-forced-recovery-methodology has never set well with me. And I DREAD the inevitable mid-season sweeps (or season end cliffhanger) where it seems as if Holmes is going to relapse - because i'm learning not to trust my TV shows about emotional stuff - they'll do it if they can. but since this one does actually do procedural mostly ok... or is getting a little tiny better ... i'm willing to hang in there for now.

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