my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

tipsy on a friday night

it all went well until I had to call my housemate to let me into the house because she'd chain-locked the front door. and that sent me into a PISSED off mood because it really sucks to have to call someone to get them to open the door to your own fucking apartment.


Also, our front door is a steel-door, with a deadbolt. (this I have a key to). Additionally, our front door can't actually be reached by walking in from the street - you have to walk around the building, through a gate, up stairs, and *then* you get to the "1st" floor front door. Delivery people can't figure it out. Fed Ex & UPS people have trouble figuring it out. We are NOT easy prey for robbers.

Yet still she insists on locking the chain lock every night. And sometimes she does it to passively agressively retaliate when she's feeling pissed at me. I'm sure tonight it was because I didn't do my dishes from last night. Or maybe she honestly thought I was at home, even though there was no evidence of me being in my room, even though I didn't come out to cook dinner (and she can clearly hear me do that since she comes out and talks to me while i'm cooking dinner every night since she's gotten back from the states).

i am so annoyed right now it's burned off at least half of the good feeling i had from hanging out at Sam's new place, trying Shochu (a kind of sake-ish thing), drinking good whisky, watching too many stupid youtube videos, and having good conversation with smart people.


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