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oh friday, how i love you

because i am slothing around right now watching tv from the states and NOT DOING HOMEWORK.

it was an incredibly long week even though we had a holiday on monday (some japanese holiday - there are lots). homework load is getting longer, i had to write two different compositions this week, one of which was a six page presentation, the other my take on anime based on the critical readings we'd done last week.

my right eyelid decided to swell up for some reason on tuesday, so that was ALSO fun. no sight problems, and it wasn't even that itchy or anything, but it is WEIRD to look in the mirror and see one eye open much further than the other, and some strange puffyness where i didn't expect it. and the whole feeling like i need to open my eye wider. luckily i've been doing warm water compresses on the eye and it is basically back to normal. i'm going to skip the contacts for another week or so though, just to be on the safe side.

so, as treat for myself I indulged in the 'from Mom's care package' velveta-mac-and-cheese-shells. I don't even *know* why I crave this stuff in Japan, since I don't EVER eat it in the states (well, I did in the 1990s as a teenager, but not since then), but ... yeah, it's like crack. Tasty, nuclear-orange-colored crack.

And so, after having consumed that, I am tucked under my kotatsu with the heat turned up high, watching the following (so here there be spoilers:

Elementary 'Details'

So I keep watching this show because I love the actors, even though each week they do things that strike me as REALLY FUCKING WEIRD. But ... I don't know if I'm losing my ability to discern or if the show is finally getting good, but this particular episode was FINALLY FUCKING GOOD.

First because Holmes *finally* *finally* *finally* actually confronted Watson about her staying around despite not being paid to do so. I would have really liked it if he'd done so because he realized she lied to him on his own, but the way they've constructed this Holmes is such that he wouldn't notice, and ... I'm mostly ok with that. That scene alone, where JLM scruntches his face into these fantastically awkward contortions and yet is so very earnest and low voiced and perfect - it just was love!

And I love every single time Watson actually comes up with something that Holmes hasn't because she is better at reading *humans* and this time it was her realizing who the snitch was and I *loved it*.

I wasn't super in love with the whole brother-drama, because really, what big brother actually tries to kill his little brother, OMG? ? (or for a given value of 'actual' that is the 'reality' this show lives in), but whatever. Now all I want is Watson as she was at the end - now that the truth is out she can dictate terms and not just mope about her big secret. so, YAY!

Also, really glad TPTB didn't spend an episode with her "decision" hanging in the balance. The whole 'i'm sticking around for free' thing wore thin the first episode it happened in. And I was so happy with all of that that I don't even care about the deus ex machina of Holmes' "oh and i'll pay you too" thing. FINALLY THEY CAN JUST GO SOLVE CRIMES DAMMIT.

Supernatural 'Trial and Error'

OMG NESTING DEAN. WHY DOES EVERYTHING NICE HE GETS HAVE TO BE TAKEN AWAY? like seriously, SO CUTE. WTH? also, he hasn't had his own room since he was what, 10? :( :( :(

also though, the whole giving speed to the poor word of god wasn't really the smartest choice was it? i mean, disaster waiting to happen isn't even the tip of the iceberg there - he's totally going to die right when they need him most.

and when did Sam become the one who can see the light at the end of the tunnel? I feel like I need to rewatch some seasons to see if I missed him actually having hope.

brother talk COMPLETELY breaks my heart though. how they're each like "i'm going to save YOU! you get to be the one that has a life and stuff and I'll die!" it's super cute.

ok, i'm on board for this whole arc, at least right now. that was kind of fun and even through all the worst parts of the episode they somehow kept it kind of light.

Arrow 'The Odyssey'

The ONLY thing that makes the island scenes interesting is Manu Bennett!!! MOAR Crixus! CRIXUS SHOULD BE IN ALL ACTION SHOWS! Seriously having him call Alexander a child is totally funny. I keep expecting him to swear by Jupiter's cock though, and that apparently is not going to happen. *sadface*

That being said, I was over the island at the first flashback in the first ep of first season, and we have three years to go on this thing, UGH. I do love that glasses!girl is finally in on the secret because the lame excuses were the height of lame, and besides, she's adorable. I have no idea if they're planning her as a love interest anytime soon (because hilariously she has more chemistry with Walter half the time) but I love smart geeky girls, and besides, paper thing excuses were tissue paper thin. Seriously she should have been able to work it out weeks ago. At least now she's in and can actually help. And another person around to question the morality of Alexander actually, you know, shooting people dead is not a bad idea either. I'm for it.

The moratorium on the mom-bashing is boring though, as is Alexander most of the time. I just realized this is another one of those shows where all the side characters are WAY more interesting than the main character. I mean, the mom and Captain Jack have all these secret nefarious plots going on, while he's the secretly awesome anti-archer archer; the ex-girlfriend and her dad are actually two broken pieces that have real jobs (and besides the dad = Harry Copperfield Dresden!); the little sister is heading towards coke-bingeing and is sort of wiplashly-vengeful with her mom (which, ok, not so in love with, but i like that she's pissed at everyone for her own reasons).

And Alexander looks good with his clothes off. Just go work out in your pseudo-bat cave some more pretty boy. And let the show be about everybody else ;)

now i am sad i have no more TV.

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