my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the age meme

from eurydice72

Age I was given: 25
I lived in: a little one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA
I drove: my red Geo metro - i loved that little hatchback!
I was in a relationship with: 'the ex' (though of course he wasn't an ex at the time)
I feared: my friends group imploding, not being 'enough' (cool enough, interesting enough, things like that)
I worked at: being the most awesome receptionist/operations person ever at a web company called Feed the Monster Media that made web sites for radio stations. It was both a high and a low career point.
I wanted to be: smart and cool. and to someday go back to school. even back then.

Now I am: 37
I live in: Yokohama Japan
I am in a relationship with: me :D and lots of friends and family.
I drive: nothing right now - trains are awesome.
I work at: learning Japanese. it is a full time job. even on the weekends.
I fear: not finding a job after i graduate and my student loans
I want to be: a teacher

If anyone wants to play, I'll give a number. :)

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Tags: randomness and memage

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