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oh weekend! and a rec

on fun
went out last night to the favorite neighborhood bar and had these, where they serve my new favorite drink. it's called a 'blue moon' though actually violet, not blue. and not sweet at all. but omg tasty:

and some of those, with really good company, plus fried oysters (on my part tasted for the first time and they were ludicrously good) made the evening beautiful. the oysters were after we ended up at a pool place and stupidly amazing shots were made (not by me - i suck, but i'm cheerful at sucking). everybody made it home before the last trains died, and i didn't even have any problems getting into the apartment on my way back home. miracles!

on classes:
we have three weeks left in our current semester, and while it's all rushing up super fast, it's also not coming fast enough - everybody is tired and strung out on a lot of japanese - and each day is a grind. i did two presentations last week, one on monday on the meaning of pop culture, and one on friday on posthumanism. this next week i'll be doing one for our fiction class on feminist rewriting of a mountian-witch fable, and another one that i have yet to choose yet.

i don't think i mentioned before that this semester we have elective classes - so i've been taking literature and popular culture - lit two days a week and pop culture four days a week (and then we have regular grammar studies two days a week).

next semester we change classes again. i'll actually be doing independent research three days a week, literature (two classes) three days a week, and grammar two days a week. it's going to be busier but i'm looking forward to finally getting to my own research. I have two books that i'm going to be trying to read, which is terrifyingly exciting to have as a project. RESEARCH! OMG ALL THE THINGS I WILL HAVE TO LOOK UP.

but in between we get a break and i can't wait to take it. even if i spend half of it poking around tokyo and doing little else.

on recs
Speaking of miracles, if you're a graphic artist and you don't know about hybrid genesis, you should seriously check her stuff out. she just posted some really beautiful new textures, and has both a free and paid stuff available on her website. Or you can follow hgx to see new updates too. she does completely inspirational artwork too, and seriously, just, words can't even explain. check out her stuff.

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