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TV things (here there be spoilers)

White Collar S04E16
DID NOT EXPECT THAT AT ALL. Good lord they upped the ante SO much my brain is exploding. Peter?? PETER??

I hate the heavy handed narrative on Peter's ethics, why does he have to do it with his old boss and not with Clinton and Diana -- why are they entirely and completely "yes" employees? It's not that I mind that they're bringing up these ethical problems, it's just that I mind that it's a two line conversation where *someone else* tells Peter he's got to redefine the law because he is the law. Other than the fact that no one should ever quote Judge Dredd unless they're mocking it, but also, it's just so fucking blatant.

Also though, I'm assuming that next season will be all the angst that this season seemed to occasionally be able to avoid. I mean, for fucks' sake, Peter! UGH!

Anyway, the Neal's dad storyline was too predictable. I'm glad that is partially closed though I also think that Neal should have knocked his dad out and bodily dragged him into the station. where's a handy piece of statuary when you need it?

I did like the parts with Neal and Sara though - although it's sad that she's leaving, they're so ridiculously adult about the whole thing it's a pleasure to watch them. And both of them getting teery-eyed at the proposal made my heart clench in seriously good ways.

Also, thank god Moz doesn't trust people.

Ok, sorry, that was all sort of back to front, but my brain is a little blown. I don't get to see the teasers for the next week's episode so the whole ep Peter's continual ... trying to make things work by screwing up his professional and personal ethics, and then getting framed because he crossed too many lines seems like drama for the sake of drama in a certain way that isn't satisfying.

or maybe i'm just grouchy cuz i don't like the way the story line went. the 'good' dad (or friend, or mentor, or whatever the show is making Peter be in relationship to Neal, is the one that's having to take the fall for the 'bad' dad. bleh.

Elementary S01E17
Ok, quick embarrassment squick with Holmes putting Watson on the spot. It's kind of lame, but not terribly surprising.

However, that aside, I think this show is finally hitting an interesting stretch. I love the Watson being given mental puzzles that Sherlock is setting up, and that she's doing reading. ALSO JEREMY BENTHAM!!!! BENTHAM!! So much ridiculous love for that mention, even if I only know of him through Foucault. I also love that she's picking up Holmes' habit of doing work on her own or in the middle of the night (like she did with the chemical equation). The evolution of a detective is way more fun than just watching Holmes spout off because he's totally right all the time (also why I like that they made Sherlock in BBC Sherlock get things wrong).

I don't know if it was just leftover White Collar dread but I kept being worried that someone was going to dose Holmes and/or Watson with the weird chemical formula. That being said, the spoofing of the blood sample and the two of them picking up/stealing different pieces of evidence (the comb and the pen), and even the formula itself was awesome. Holmes geeking out over the geneticist was super cool too.

all in all a really *smart* episode, which, YAY.

Person of Interest S2 E17
Ok, yes, I caved to [personal profile] astolat writing PoI fanfic, and me occasionally seeing it on my pinboard dash, and ran through the series fairly fast. It's a little on the creepy side, and definitely on the morally dubious, also what's up with the soft talkers? Dean from Supernatural and John... kinda ridiculous.

That being said, i like the idea of a the stuck in a room mystery on an island. It's pretty cool.

Also I love Carter. I love that her response is "and I don't want to hurt *you*" to the implied threat of violence.

Also i wondered if it was the agent... it TOTALLY IS!

ah ha, fbi in the trunk. I knew that FBI guy's cheek bones were too good to be true.

Also why is it that it's so often Harold dealing with the sociopaths? OMG HAROLD IS OUT SOCIOPATHING THE SOCIOPATH. this ROCKS!

also, so, Harold pretended to squint when Carter arrived right? Because he wasn't squinting before that? At least that's the way I'm reading it. Maybe? I dunno, maybe not, but there seemed to be at least the suggestion there that Harold knows how to create his own physical cues.

Spartacus S3 E6

Oh Spartacus! so, new and exciting ways people died: self impalement on a short sword (difficulty rating: 10), and the "drawn" of "drawn and quartered" that happened in what seemed to be a tug of war (difficulty cuz you need a lot of people to man the chains: 10). Being run through the throat with a branding iron hot from the fire (it didn't look that difficult, actually, but certainly uncomfortable). Man whoever dreams this stuff up is kind of impressive just for sheer bloodyminded imagination.

So while bearded-and-long-haired Cesar looked like a Brad Pitt clone, short haired Cesar looks *really* different! also, why does he always tell women they look like his wife? I think though that's a bad omen. That poor Roman woman, totally sold off so she could buy them the city.

Question for anybody who actually reads this (which probably no one is) who might know - what did slave brands look like back then?

So glad we got Gannicus stuff! He is totally my favorite character, still. In part because his angst doesn't totally turn him into a cranky pants. And he's got a pretty smile even when it's bloody. That whole love triangle thing is going to apparently come to a head again at some later date, I predict.

Also, Tiberious warning Kore not to tell his dad was a little ridiculous (though I guess I continually find Tiberious ridiculous). His young man pain and vindictiveness just doesn't hold a candle to Lucretia/Ilithya. WE NEED MORE ROMAN WOMEN ON THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW DAMMIT. Cuz all the boy posturing is fine, but I actually loved the girl posturing 10000000 times more.

also, what's up with the wall? crazypants!

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