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Ok, so, I caught another cough this week and ended up being at home wed & thurs just to try and rest it out (and drink buckets of water and tea - BUCKETS!). I was really worried wednesday night because it was the second night i'd had night sweats, until i realized that the weather had warmed up significantly and it wasn't my body it was actually, you know, the super-heavy-winter blanket i had on my bed making me so hot. LOLZ.

after dragging myself to class today (which was good - i actually did mostly ok, and did the reading, which was good, and class helped explain the reading, which was *even better*), i gave myself a friday off.

this afternoon and evening I've been doing marvel-movie marathon! Captain America, Thor, and finally my 50th viewing of the Avengers. (ok, not 50th, but seriously, like possibly 7th? 8th?).
I love Steve Rogers in Captain America. I was super surprised that I liked the movie as much as I did, but even on rewatch it has pretty decent pacing, and feels like a good adventure movie with just the right mix of goofy and self-awareness. I love Hugo Weaving as a bad guy - he just says things with RELISH. And I like that Peggy thinks Steve is pretty adorable pre-transformation, but that the only way you know that is through her facial expressions. I love the Captain running after the Hydra agent minutes after he's transformed barefoot. And the kid who tells him that he can swim.

OTOH Thor is SUCH an absurd movie. Everything is either CGI ridiculous or Chris Hemsworth wandering around in tight shirts -- which is also ridiculous. I don't even CARE there are thousands of holes, because the first time I saw that movie I saw it with Megan, and we had such a good time just giggling, and so I just giggle at everything. Also fanfic has completely ruined me, I am a total Thor/Loki shipper. I mean, even Odin is a Thor/Loki shipper - he's the one who said he took Loki in as a baby in the hopes that someday he could make a peace between their two races... just HOW was he going to do that if he wasn't going to put Loki on the throne? Marry him to Thor, of course! But also my headcannon has been twisted by [personal profile] ariafic's fic Shatter that starts with the premise that Loki gets sent to earth instead of Thor. So every time Thor throws that first cup I think of Loki *not* throwing that cup... oh, just read the fic, you'll get it.

And finally, because I just can't watch one of the earlier films without throwing the Avengers on as the final chapter, I have to say that while fandom TOTALLY sold me on Tony/Steve before the films came out, the film made me a Sciencebros shipper. There is SO MUCH chemistry between Bruce and Tony that I can't watch the movie without thinking how cute they'd be together. Sharing lab space, HELLO. And with slash/kink goggles on, it's a bsdm relationship cuz at one point Bruce even says he's ok with being poked by Tony. OMG. Also at one point that pain grounds him. HELLO. But I don't mind -- I like fandom Tony/Steve fics. I can live with having two different ships I like just as much as each other. They're fun. And I've been super lazy about actually *finding* Tony/Bruce fics -- if anybody has any particular recs for them let me know?

Oh, and on the heels of that fannish stuff, I was mentally musing about Black Widow and how she came off to other people, and ran across this awesome review/discussion talking about black widow spinning a web around the avengers that gave me an entirely different lens to look at her actions with. Not that I think Joss is the be-all-end-all in feminist directors (because he's not) like the reviewer does, but because it brings up *really* good points about the actions Black Widow takes in the film and HOW she goes about doing it all as a human amongst super-beings.

Finally, looking for a giggly little bit of Sterek? (you know you get your Teen Wolf on), check this out:

The Scientific Method by uraneia
Stiles/Derek | Teen Wolf | Teen | 5,947 words
Stiles’s life was so much easier before his BFF got super powers. “But, so, werewolves have super strength, right? And super speed. And better vision, and better muscle control, and healing powers, and stuff. And some of that’s probably, like, genetic, if you can be born a werewolf. Right?”

“Yeah,” Scott says. From the perplexed look on his face, he doesn’t yet know where Stiles is going with this. “So?”

“So what if you have condom-defeating supersperm?”


have you guys heard of the other non-facebook/tumblr/twitter sites in this article? cuz I haven't. made me feel old.

i miss my oven because of things like this chicken bastilla recipe (cinnamon + chicken = GOOD)

my favorite death in the last episode of sparticus was this guy's death (SPOILERS!) but I was mostly pleased with the last episode - or as pleased as I was going to be by this third season and the first and foremost problem was that there *weren't enough women* and were NO good women talking to women or scheming against women or scheming period. Actually was reading tumblr review where someone was suggesting there wasn't enough character development in S3, up to and including Ceasar. They suggested it would have been cool for Ceasar to have actually found some empathy with the rebellion while he was undercover, and so he could have explored roman power/had trouble returning to the fold. Instead we just got his weird rape scene. yeah, sorta bored now with that one (in a 'cover my face with my fingers kind of way'). But even the women -- why did Sibyl & Saxa not get to connive *with* each other? Instead of the totally predictable 'Gannicus chooses the 'virginal girl' over the 'warrior girl'' story line? And I'll be honest, Gannicus is totally my favorite character of this season, just because I really like Dustin Claire's smile, and but WHY WAS HIS DEATH SCENE LIKE THAT??? WHY?? And if you're going to bring back Doctore for him to hallucinate, you also be bringing back Melitta too because HE FUCKING FELL IN LOVE WITH HER HELLO. Sorry, anyway. It was just very penis-y. And yes, this whole season has been that way, and i expected it, but it was also kind of disappointing. All I'm saying is they did it WAY better in earlier seasons.

and now that i've prattled away, i'll let you get on with your day/night/what have you.

OH, but if you're into Giles, don't forget about summer_of_giles sign ups! Or just join the comm to see what happens.

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