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rainy saturday night - sci fi movies

yes, procrastination has set in and it's cold enough i don't want to go out. besides, i'm saving money for when my mom arrives next week and we spend 14 days galavanting around Japan.

So I hit up apple's sci-fi movie trailers, just to see what random stuff they're serving up, and ...

Upstream Color looks *really* interesting.

I'm afraid to read reviews of it, because i don't want to be spoiled (and since it showed at sundance i'm assuming the reviews will be pretty review-y), but it looks like good mind-bending-screw-with-your-head sci fi.

Then there's Branded.
Which I'm not actually going to embed, because it's a really good premise but looks like a *terrible* movie in the worst kind of way. Bad CGI, and a visual premise that looks like it's based on that episode of DR. Who where the fat aliens turned into little blobs and ran off with people's fat in the night.

Then there's Man of Steel.
It's gonna flop (if it hasn't already - is it out?) just because it's too straightfoward of a film. Having just rewatched Captian America last night, it's thrown into stark contrast why I find the Superman narrative so *boring*. Because Superman takes himself too seriously. I mean, in all the incarnations I've seen, he does. Except maybe in Lois and Clark, which I remember loving for the first couple of seasons. And why Smallville worked is because someone who is *young*, who is a teenager figuring out the world, who feels as if everything is super immediate, who takes themselves seriously -- that story makes sense. But the adult who grows up and does it? Too much angst and too boring. It's why my favorite Clark/Lex stories are the ones where Lex makes Clark lighten up in form or another.

Then there's Dredd
ok, this is CRACK. TOTAL CRACK. BAD CRACK. And it was out last September. And I'm sure it was out for two seconds and FLOOOOOPED. but the drug scenes look really cool. And the villain is Lena Headey, who should be in all sci fi ever, but who will always be Sarah Connor to me. And Judge Dredd is Karl Urban right? I know I'm going to hell for even wanting to watch it, but then again, I also remember the Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone and that was a gigantic stinker too, so really, they can only go up from here, right?

Finally, there's the one that got me into this in the first place: Oblivion.
Saw Tom Cruiz on the Daily Show and thought, dammit, he's using up the SF budget again on something dumb. Went and looked at the trailer, and I'm feeling confirmed in my opinions. He's holding 'future' guns in his hand like this was a trailer for Mission Impossible, and really, this movie has the same problem as Superman does - takes itself too seriously. It does have Morgan Friedman though. So that's a good, right? I'm assuming that what "Jack" the main character is going to find out is that the company he is working for is actually systematically eliminating the leftover earth population after the 'war', so of course he has to go blow up the stuff he used to take care of. And somehow he was either brainwashed by the aliens who destroyed earth, or his bosses were complicit with them, or something like that. I doubt it's "ground breaking' (always a bad sign when they actually tease a movie with that, right?)

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