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first, I love the killer this week - when there's classical music playing in the background it always seems super classy, and anyone who makes people's guts into string for the orchestra because they're such a music lover is my kind of fanatic.

second, i can't figure out if this show is queerbating or not, because all of the characters' psyches are so screwed up that even a glance across the room is layered with ... i dunno, it ALWAYS seems to be layered with BOTH 'i'd like to actually gut you and eat you' AND 'i'd really like you to be my killing partner' AND 'hey, you're super hot, can we make out' ALL the time. Because last week when Hannibal met Tobias Budge at the opera I thought there was just crazy pants attraction going on on Tobias' part... and it was attraction, but to the serial-killer part of Hannibal not to the sexy part of Hannibal.

Or, at least, when Tobias did his explicit and direct talking he didn't talk about getting into Hannibal's pants. But whoa fire of his look.

And Hannibal turned him down! OMG, sorry, I'm still chuckling about this. But more on that in a sec.

I do like Will's continual breakdown, and those moments when he's hearing crying animals are like a knife to the gut, omg. I want to help you protect the wounded animals too will! I do!

And his kiss with Dr. Bloom was surprisingly hot. I mean, I think she's beautiful, but their chemistry hadn't ever seemed to me before to be actually a thing, but whoah put them in the same frame up close together and BAM. Yes. That worked. Worked well.

Though I'm also glad she immediately turned Will down just because the narrative line of this show doesn't seem to be 'Will makes good friendship/romance choices' but instead 'Will makes very very bad friendship/romance choices about Hannibal' and him trying to actually date Dr. Bloom would I think kick in the embarrassment factor waaaay too far. Though that may also just be because Will is so unremittingly fragile/weird most of the time we see him on screen because he's helping investigate cases ... like he was actually fairly coherently self deprecating and perceptive about Dr. Bloom before he kissed her. And you have to admire someone who thinks they're having a mental breakdown and quick-analyses his super smart lady friend to distract her from that.

Ok, but also, the whole 'Tobias is trying to make friends with Hannibal' through line would have actually been better if it *hadn't* been mostly in one episode. I mean, trust me, I was entirely tired of Franklin (and kind of cheered when Hannibal snapped his neck!) after one episode, but the whole courting process seems like it would have been better if it had been drawn out a bit.

Especially Tobias being as outright and open with the fact that he'd just kill everyone who came to investigate him. That seemed a bit at odds with the methodical guy who set up the first body as a viola/bass so he could play it? Maybe it's just me there.

But I also love how Hannibal invites him over to dinner to let him down. It's Hannibal's own version of "ha, see how awesome i am? you can't have me!" And he's so decisive about it too - Madds is so great with Hannibal almost annoyed that he has to put this guy in his place.

I simultaneously LOVE OH MY GOD LOVE Gillian Anderson and don't like those scenes. She is really beautiful and really interesting, but I also feel weirdly like embarrassed that they so clearly are making the parallel between Hannibal and Franklin. I think because it cuts the creep factor for me. If Hannibal is implacable except when he wants to make friends and succeeds with Will or when he goes daughter adopting or whatever, it makes it creepier when he is so methodical about his "cooking". But when he's clearly as borderline obsessive about Gillian as Franklin is about him, it makes him seem smaller.

But I think they sort of offset that by the serial-killer fight! Which was HILARIOUS at the start OMG SERIOUSLY YOU'VE GOT PIANO WIRE THAT YOU'RE TWIRLING?
after they dispensed with that it got a lot better - just because they did play the 'here are two people who are actively trying to kill eachother' pretty well. And I like that Hannibal brained Tobias with his stag statue (I'm right about that, right?)

Ok, but the ending? OH MY GOD SO SWEET. LIKE HANNIBAL REALLY DID HAVE HEARTS IN HIS EYES. SERIOUSLY. This show, dear gods. *shakes head*

is anyone other than [personal profile] scarimonious on my flist watching Hannibal? If you want truly creepy dynamics with really beautiful actors, setting and characterizations you should hie thee to the interwebs immediately and watch it, since it's not clear that it will at all be renewed next season.

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